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Recognize this creature?


Does she look familiar to you? Can anyone guess who this extraordinary creature is? Well, if you suffer with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, I’m sure that you have no knowledge of who “she” is…so I will do what your endocrinologist and primary care physician won’t…I’ll tell you and give you some background on her as well.


Eurytrema pancreaticum, let’s just call her “Ethel Pancel”, is a major cause of your diabetes. You see, Ethel is a pancreatic fluke of cattle. When you think of milk, think of Ethel….cheese, yes Ethel is there in all of her splendor to not just share the animal protein and nutrients, but also her legacy. Legacy? – yes, you didn’t think that just because you ingest cow’s milk that the body somehow just eliminates all of the parasites contained within did you? Let me give you the basic details of why Ethel is more dangerous than you know:

Humans become infected through consuming meat and dairy thereby also ingesting adult eurytrema flukes but primarily their eggs. As other flukes they have no external signs of segmentation. The mouth ends in the pharynx, a muscular tube that allows sucking. The digestive system is blind (i.e. without anus: the only opening is the mouth) and not linear, as in most animals, but branched, ending in several blind ducts (called coeca). Pancreas flukes are simultaneous hermaphrodites, i.e. they have both male and female reproductive organs.

As your body begins to breakdown and digest meat and dairy, the digestive process release the infective metacercariae that migrate to the pancreatic duct. The results of this process can sometimes be felt immediately. Have you ever become sick to the stomach shortly after eating ice cream, milk, cheese or combination of foods containing dairy? The body is very quick to signal the brain that something is wrong. Over time, these “smart receptors” become infected thereby neutralizing the bodies ability to defend itself.

Most infections are benign and cause only mild symptoms if at all. Nevertheless the pancreatic duct may be inflamed and enlarged. In heavy infections the duct can be occluded and the pancreatic tissues can be damaged as well. This damage causes the decrease in insulin production due to the destruction of the pancreatic beta cells. This type of infection can also lead to more severe gastrointestinal disturbances (e.g. vomiting, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, etc.) depending on the number of flukes. Infestation of flukes can spread to other organs in the body and force individuals to have to undergo a parasite detox or “deworming process.” Yes, you read that right, not just your dog or cat need the occasional deworming. Prehistoric man did it without the knowledge of why…other than seasons to consume nutrients from a variety of natural sources.

There are ways to detox Ethel and her legacy, while it will take time and dedication, it can be done. This process begins as any other, with a plan to change your eating and consume living natural products to allow the body to heal.

If you are interested in learning how to detox and get rid of Ethel, email me at:

Put “Ethel Detox” in the subject line.

Yours In Success,



Eradicate Plan – Step 1

How’s it going?

I hope this reaches you in good spirits on this Wednesday. So this will serve as the first step in the vetting process for the Eradicate Diabetes Plan. If you are serious about doing something about your condition, your circumstances, this all important step is crucial.

I want to create an environment for you to feel comfortable with planning steps to reverse your condition. I offer this solution:

Join my Eradicate Diabetes Group. This is a dedicated site and forum to allow those wondering what a normal life is like to start building upon one. Instead of denying yourself another day of life, connect with others and share your struggles and success. Support and accountability are two major components to defeating this curable disease. We can do it together.

I want you to imagine:

No longer being dependent on medication to treat your diabetic “symptoms”.

Having endless amounts of energy and living life on your terms.

Building on positive eating habits to share with family and friends.

Paying this lifestyle of yours forward to another in need.

This is your new life…it’s waiting for you. Let’s get you started with step 1 today.

I look forward to working with you,


I’m Closing The Doors…


Hey There!

So after much thought and just the direction that I want to go, I am sorry to say that LaRochester Fitness will no longer provide fitness and nutritional services to the general public. I would like to thank those of you that have provided me the opportunity to serve you and give you the tools and resources to improve your life, while you allowed me to really know that most people at their core are truly awesome! Thank You!

Now that I have that out of the way, let me tell you who LaRochester Fitness is still open to…

If you suffer from type 2 diabetes, LaRochester Fitness is your solution to understanding and eradicating your diabetes. I will never abandon any of you. The newsletter will continue to be provided with additional tips, fitness and nutritional concepts and ideas. I still have a few spots left for those that require assistance. You can setup your initial consultation for free here.


So I was thinking about the overall impact of me closing my services to the general public and those looking and needing a fitness professional that would be devoted to their success. After some deliberation I came up with a solution…


I called up a few coaching clients and asked for their feedback. I realized that I have a commitment to only 2 of my remaining 8 (6 have been on a month to month and April 28 will satisfy the last two contracts) and what would they think and ultimately do. So in talking and sorting things out, I have decided that I will only take private coaching clients on: 1-referral basis only or 2- by application. That being the case, I am going to provide the chance for a select few to become a part of my private coaching client group. You will submit an application for review and approval. I’m not accepting just anyone. Spots are at a premium…meaning your time is valuable and not to be wasted. You can submit your coaching application here: Coaching Client Application

I will review your application and you will receive a response within 48 hours. If you are not accepted, I will keep your application on file and should a spot become available, I will reach out to you to determine if you are still interested. I want win-win situations for all parties involved. Why…..because everybody needs



Let me know what you think of the changes by leaving me comments below.

As always, it is a pleasure and a great honor to serve you as a human family. I Love You All!

Yours In Success,

Jeremy LaRochester

P.S. – Here are the links for the Coaching Client Application and to book your type 2 diabetes consultation

Are You Slowly Sinking?

Hey, I wanted to send this to you because…

…well, maybe someone needs to hear it.

I know that some of you are in a position
where you have to do something.

You need good news and good fortune.  You just can’t afford to keep sticking your foot in the door again and again and not advancing your situtation.

You feel like you’re slowly sinking.  You research plan and try everything you know to do for hours trying to find
that one special program that will work for you.

You can’t afford to lose again.

I know what that’s like.

I was so frustrated with my fitness business when I decided to serve the diabetes community. I previously failed in my business and felt to take the failure as a semester of fitness education and try again.  I honestly wondered if focusing my efforts on type 2 diabetes was even smart for me and my business.

I even thought about giving up a few times.

Boy, am I glad I didn’t.

So, here’s my reason for emailing you today.

It’s not to sell you anything.
It’s not to tell you that you need to join me on my quest to eradicate the world of diabetes…this is about you…
For You.

It’s to say this:

Don’t give up.
Hang in there.
You can do this.

No matter what anyone says, as long as you believe in you and you take action in that direction it can happen.

I’ll help you.

Let me know if I can answer any questions for you about how this can be a different experience for you.

And most of all…don’t give up.

You’re more powerful than you think you are.

To Your Success,

Jeremy LaRochester

It’s Not Your Fault

Hey, how’s it going?

So since it’s Friday and you’re ready to get on with your weekend, I thought about a couple of things that have really been bothering me and wondered if you were having some difficulties rationalizing them too.

This past week has been an eye opener for me. I learned that from all my dilegence and research that I was wrong about some things. I realized that in order for me to maintain my professionalism and ethics, I would have to own up to the misinformation and inform my clients about the correct way to do things. I couldn’t be negligent with their needs, their health and lifestyle. After all, it would be my fault if I didn’t….right?

Accountability is something that we are all responsible for. If this simple check and balance is not in place, a great many things can occur. From theft and greed, to the gross management of someone’s life that would lead to their demise or ultimate death. So whose fault is it when you don’t have all the information about your diabetes? Yours? Your Doctor? Pharmaceutial Company?

All of the Above! Now, I know what you are thinking…”Jeremy is on the soapbox, telling me that I don’t have all the information that I need to cope with my diabetes.” I am actually telling you that you have just enough information to cope with your diabetes…not get rid of it!

It’s not your fault that:

You don’t know the right questions to ask
Your doctors continue to treat your symptoms
Your monthly medication costs are rising
You experience mood swings due to medicating

Your constant change in eating habits are making you depressed
Your Diabetes is Not Improving
You get sick and it takes longer to get rid of illness
You’re having trouble sleeping
You find that you are prone to having accidents in your clothes (#2!)
You’re thinking of suicide
You want to end this pain
You think I’m nuts

For the established reasons, the base that medical practices and what would be considered the normal course of action, much of what I am saying to you would seem like a conspiracy theory…when in fact it’s not.

I care about your wellbeing just as I care about my father, my brother and sister, my niece that go through (and have gone through and paid the ultimate price) the pain, the emotional valleys of dealing with sacrificing their lives on the account of “coping” with a curable disease. I don’t want you to die, I want you to live.

Live so you can embrace your life and touch those around you. Share your gift, your talents given to you with the world. Enrich a childs life and share that spark that exists within you to open a door to another realm for someone. Become an educator and understand that life is not defined in maintaining, it is defined in accomplishment and ever seeking higher degrees of capacity within ones self.

You should know by now that I would die for you. My life is pointless if I am not truthful with you and provide you with the tools required to assist you to reverse and eliminate your diabetes. I’ve watched you fight for too long to gain zero ground in defeating this disease. I plan to help you get rid of it…whether your doctor, pharmacist or pharmaceutial provider like it or not. My life is worth risking for you because you mean more to me living than you do to them as a consumer. I Love You and all that you represent. It’s not your fault.
Have a great weekend.

Yours In Success,

Easy Weight Loss Using The Glycemic Index

Hi There,

What’s going on? So, I wanted to provide you with a very useful tool to aide with your diabetic weight loss. It is simple, you don’t have to purchase anything, and it is going to be very beneficial to you as time goes on. This resource is the glycemic index.

If you are 100% serious about losing weight then you absolutely MUST learn to control your insulin levels. The very first step in keeping control of blood sugar and insulin levels is to know and use the glycemic index of foods.

The glycemic index is based on a scale ranging from 1 to 100. This scale measures the effects of certain foods towards blood glucose levels. The higher on the scale a food is, the more “sugar like” it is – these foods are processed rapidly and are more likely to cause spikes in insulin levels. Refined sugar has a score of 100 on the glycemic index. Following is a list of a few common foods and their respective GI score:

Hummus 6
Peanuts 15
Fructose (not high fructose corn syrup) 22
Grapefruit 25
Lentils 25
Fettuccine (egg) 27
Skim Milk 32
Yougurt 33
Apple 38
Spaghetti 41
Sweet Potato 44
Long Grain White Rice 44
Carrots 49
Oatmeal 49
Sourdough Bread 53
Banana 54
Basmati Rice 58
Fresh Corn 60
Bran Muffin 60
Sucrose 64
Beets 64
Raisins 64
Cantalope 65
Couscous 65
Pancakes 67
Croissant 67
Whole Wheat Pita 67
White Rice, Short Grain 55
Whole Wheat Bread 69
Graham Crackers 74
French Fries 75
Pancake Syrup 76
Doughnut 76
Pretzels 81
Rice Cakes 82
Corn Flakes 83
Potato, baked 85
Wild Rice 87
Parsnips 97
Glucose 100

In order to function properly, every cell in the entire human body must be completely soaked in water. Even the slightest amount of dehydration can hinder performance and metabolic functions.

The efficiency at which the body metabolizes fats, proteins and carbohydrates is heavily influenced by hydration levels. The more active you are, the more water you’ll want to be taking in on a daily basis.

In addition to this, remember that other sources of fluids can help to hydrate you such as caffeine free tea, coffee, and fruit juices, but be very careful of fruit juices because not only are they higher in sugar but they also really pack in a number of calories.

If you are exercising regularly each day as well, you’ll want to add more water to your day than on days you aren’t since you’ll be sweating up much of that fluid throughout the activity.

Hope this gives you some insight and helps along your weight loss journey. Please leave me a comment below and tell me what you think!

Yours In Success,


Don’t Eliminate Your Favorite Foods

Lots of people who decide they want to lose weight believe that it’s an all or nothing approach. They decide that they’re going to give up all the foods they used to love and adopt a completely new eating strategy which is filled with healthy foods that they’ve never eaten before in their life.

However, losing weight is all about balance and there’s no reason for you to give up your favorite foods completely. While you will need to make changes to your eating strategy, you can still enjoy your favorite foods in moderation and lose weight.

A good way to balance healthy eating with your favorite foods is to adopt an 80/20 rule where 80% of the calories you consume come from living healthy foods and then 20% of the calories you consume come from other foods of your choosing.

By adopting this 80/20 rule, you’ll find that losing weight is much more fun as there are no restrictions and no foods are off limits. The freedom to eat your favorite foods in moderation makes the whole process much more enjoyable and you’re much more likely to stick with it as a result.

Hopefully you find this useful to incorporate into your daily routine. Leave me a comment below and let me know!

Your Pal in Health & Wellness,


P.S. Don’t forget to register for my free webcast Weight Loss For Diabetics. It is content driven to provide you with a comprehensive plan to help you blast through fat and maximize your diabetic weight loss efforts.

Change Is Difficult…But It Starts With The First One

Ever wish you had the magic button to make the pain stop?

If you are not satisfied with the constant struggles of weight gain
as it relates to your type 2 diabetes, you are not alone. I see many
men and women obsessing over this and stressing themselves out with
questions like:

Even though I am eating correctly, why am I gaining weight?
Why am I always tired?
What should I focus on to help me overcome my stress at work?
How can I keep myself mentally prepared to workout everyday?

Not to worry – you’re finally gonna get the answers. I’ll be addressing
these questions and more in my first private webcast of the year, Weight
Loss For Diabetics.

Just us together, working and pushing through these pleateaus as I share
a three step strategy that I use with my private coaching clients that has
worked tremendously in their lives.

Ready to stop guessing about the next step? Click here to reserve your
spot for Weight Loss For Diabetics

Can’t wait to see you there!


P.S. This private webcast will last about about an hour because I want to
devote at least 20 minutes to a full-on Q&A. That means you can ask me
anything about my philosophy in training, business, fitness, or whatever
you can think of. So start jotting down your questions now, and don’t
forget to sign up.

P.S.S. I’m going to be giving away some goody bags – yes real physical
LaRochester Fitness swag – but you can only get it if you are on the
private webcast with me LIVE!
register now

Yours In Success,

Tabata Workouts For Beginners

Just because Tabata workouts are gold standard for Olympic trainees doesn’t mean that they are not suitable for beginners. In fact, Tabata workouts are a great way for a beginner with no money, no equipment and very little time to really get fit. The main thing you need is an ability to push yourself—and a stopwatch.

Timing is key for a Tabata workout, timing, and the ability to go full-power for 20 seconds at a time. Can you do it? If you can, you’re well on the way to a much trimmer, fitter and healthier you.

Cost In Time: 4 Minutes Per Day
(plus 10 minute warm and 5 minute cool down)

One of the best things about Tabata is that it is very flexible. You can choose from a variety of exercises, including, using machines, like exercise bikes, treadmills and elliptical machines.

When you choose your type of Tabata workout, take into account your comfort level with the exercise in question, your current fitness level, and also consider just what you want to achieve with your workout, specifically, what muscle groups would you like to target?

A Tabata workout will have you doing your all-out absolute best, so it isn’t the time to try out new exercise moves or those that are too complicated. But if all you know is pushups, your Tabata sessions don’t have to be limited by that, either.

You’ll just have to teach yourself new exercises during lower-intensity workout times, and after you’ve got them down, incorporate them in your Tabata workout.

Tabata And Running

Suppose you are a runner. Then you may want to start your Tabata adventure by doing a Tabata Running Workout; building up from what you are already good at.

Here is an example of a great Tabata workout with running.

You’re going to sprint, going as fast as you possibly can, as if wolves were after you, for all of 20 seconds.

Then pause for 10 seconds. Stopping straight out might be out of the question, but put the brakes on, walk very slowly, catch your breath, stop if you want to, but, only for 10 seconds.

Then—there are the wolves again—so go for 20 more seconds. When the timer goes off and that 20 seconds are over, you’ve got another breather, and you’ve done ¼ of your workout.

A Tabata workout is 8 cycles long; eight cycles of 20 seconds on 10 seconds off.

And, you know what? It’ll do more for your body than an hour run at a steady pace.

Tabata With Exercise Bikes

You might not be a runner. Other exercises work just as well with the Tabata protocol. If you’ve got an exercise bike at your house, try spinning. Get on there and play a little with the pedals to warm yourself up.

Then try cycling madly for all of 20 seconds.

A 10 second break, then 20 seconds more.

Try to make sure your speed stays at least at 85 RPM for the whole high intensity time.

Stationary biking was actually the first exercise the Tabata method was tried on, and if you are consistent with it, say, four days a week, 4 minutes a day—you’ll definitely see results.

Other Tabata Moves

Bodyweight movements are also great options for Tabata, these include, squats, jump squats, jumping jacks and high knees, all of which are great Tabata workouts.

The important thing to remember is that during your 20 seconds on you are working the hardest you can, the fastest you can, and putting everything you have into it. Your reward is your 10 seconds of rest.

Try these out and let me know what kind of success you have.

Yours In Success,

Jimmy Hoffa in Jacksonville…

This went out today. Enjoy!
Press Release

For immediate release                 For Further Information contact: 
                                      Jeremy LaRochester
                                      Phone: 904-497-4472

Fitness Professional Vows To Help 1000 People Eradicate Type 2 Diabetes

Jacksonville, Florida
Jeremy LaRochester, fitness professional and NESTA member has
taken a bold move seldom seen in the fitness industry by
challenging the pharmaceutical therapies utilized for diabetics.

"No person suffering from diabetes has ever been cured of 
diabetes through pharmaceutical medications - ever." Jeremy 
LaRochester continued, "It's never happened in the history of
medicine. However it has been cured through natural means
and proper supplementation"

Conventional medicine continues to insist that diabetes is incurable. 
The approach of the medical community is that of 
extremely toxic chemical medications and processed dead foods.
Of this, Mr. LaRochester says this system, "simply doesn't work."

Jeremy further states that big pharma and conventional medicine
remain silent on the natural healing processes because it 
certainly does not enhance the greater agenda which is the bottom
line. Utilizing what Jeremy calls a 90/10 rule of nourishment 
90% live plant based proteins and 10% meats allows the body to heal
itself to a great extent with additional supplementation.

Jeremy adopted a vegan eating strategy at the age of 10. His 
father died when Jeremy was 9 from a heart attack due to 
complications from diabetes. Jeremy's older brother also suffered
a fatal heart attack at just 34 years old - also related to
diabetic complications. "It's at home with me. I've experienced 
up close and understand the devastating effects it can have 
on a family and children. I have two small children and I teach
them the value of not just good fitness habits, but outstanding
eating choices which translates into excellent eating habits
as they get older. My goal of 1000 people to help eradicate 
their diabetes is small. I'm attempting to give someone their
life back so they have years to share and do whatever with 
family and friends, or just themselves."


"It's very unfortunate and sad that diabetics in some form feel
like the medications being taken are maintaining them.
They're actually causing further complications - such as severe liver
disease. This is one of many untold truths that diabetes 
medications are well known for liver and kidney disease."

For more information on Jeremy LaRochester and his mission to
eradicate type 2 diabetes, visit

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