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I almost did it…


So, this past weekend was just about the end of me.

It started on Wednesday that things just were not in sync. For all of my efforts of meeting with an executive within the Victory Nutrition organization, to some things happening with my kids at their school, nothing seemed to be going right.

During this stretch, my business was going through a bit of a lull and processes just seemed off. I was quite frustrated with…well everything! It is the first time in a very long time that I just felt like I wasn’t in control. The negative thoughts started to roll in – they saw an opening. My primal underman first asked: “What are you doing this for? Why fight and struggle to educated people? If they don’t get it, it’s their fault. You’ve paid your dues, understand and can go further without dead weight and a heavy burden…forget them!”


Speaking frankly – this depressed the shit out of me! Yes me….depressed. Think I’m lying? How many tweets did you see from me Thursday thru Sunday? Facebook posts? My Webcast had to be cancelled on Thursday. I was in the toilet as far as my motive and conviction to continue on this road that I have been on for the better part of 6 years. So I did what some with less insight to these bigger questions do….I crawled up into my bed and watched tv. Yep… and the bed and blu ray high definition!

There I stayed with the exception of picking my kids up from school and those chores that are required. Short of that, I wasn’t much use to anyone let alone myself.

Saturday, my mood was actually slightly better but not much. I spent the bulk of the day trying to figure out what I was going to do with the rest of my life. Yes, you read that right, I had subconsciously already decided to move on. My paradigm had completely switched just like that!

Then I began to think about how I got started in fitness. Ordering my grappling mats and dummies from Combat sports International for my home gym. Training endless hours and believing in myself when nobody else did. Reading up on foods and exercises that provided the best results. Requesting a personal trainers certification manual from the National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) and International Fitness Association (IFA) – I ended up getting certified through both associations. Understanding that my purpose wasn’t so much about mixed martial arts, but more about helping others understand their potential. My jiu jitsu training suffered many years because my focus was on my personal training and nutrition certification and starting a fitness business. Then I had the notion to open my own gym…

1827957379562 I didn’t have a babysitter when I started my first fitness studio, so my daughter would sleep on my grappling dummy “Renzo.” My son would be asleep in a hammock chair.

1827959899625my jiu jitsu mats for when I didn’t have any clients so I could train. Introduced my kids to the thing I love just as much as them!

By Saturday evening I understood how badly I allowed myself to get, but also how freakin strong I was mentally! I started out on a quest to help others with their fitness, nutrition and the conditioning of their minds to withstand anything that wasn’t in alignment with their dreams and goals. Now the question was: “What’s my next move?”

So enter Sunday, a day devoted to the LaRochester men, my son and I. What do you know, he wants to watch Transformers – wow big surprise! I get him off Power Rangers and now addicted to Transformers! – Talk about can’t catch a break! Well, in one of the movies, there is a point where the character “Sam” has to revive Optimus Prime with the matrix of leadership. It is his will and belief in the “ideal” that somehow all will be done because he won’t quit until Optimus is revived! That was the spark or thing to snap me all the way back. See, when I write posts to you, it’s not that I am superhuman…I have my days and moments as well. It is always how you recover and gain clarity on the things that will truly define you by pushing you further to accomplish and persevere or bury you where you stand.


I want you to know that if I can look within myself and understand that my “feelings” almost caused me to make a huge mistake, you could be doing the same in your life as well. Take your time and get clear on why you would continue to do – or not do something. Be sure that it is rational and not emotional…there is a huge difference. Keep your feelings on the surface and make an informed decision about your life’s work. These are the times to know what you are made of and what your contribution to society is. If you have a quality let it define you…whatever it is. I almost quit on my quality of devotion to helping others because of my feelings. Be thankful for a strong mind to keep you in the game even when you have one foot out. I am deeply thankful today.

Thank you for reading. Have a great week!



Your Fired!

Happy Friday!

Today I want to share a simple idea that can cause massive change and take you from suffering to becoming an ultimate winner in life. Whenever you feel like life is not producing the results that you desire, there is one primary reason for this – you. It can be a number of things:

You haven’t taken action beyond your comfort zone
Busy pointing fingers at others not supporting your aspirations
Lacking motivation and a true plan to accomplish
Waiting for someone else to do the work for you…

You get my point right?

Listen, no matter where you are in life, you can change it. I want you to close your eyes and first picture your ideal reality. Now I want you to imagine that reality unfolding. You need an ever-present imprint of that vision.

Do you have it? Great!

Now, channel your efforts to completing this ONE thing that will change your current reality…ready? Here it is….

fired 2


The iteration – or your present mental paradigm is not producing the results that you desire. The only way to accomplish and achieve is to have an interation of yourself that is ambitious and has the “vision” to produce the reality and outcome that is nessasary for you to win in life. No exceptions, no excuses, NO SETTLING FOR LESS THAN YOU DESERVE! If the next iteration resorts to a lazy, pointing fingers position….you guessed it – fire them too! Just realize that you can become whomever you truly desire to be. If you want it bad enough and all of your energy is placed in that direction allowing nothing to deter you – YOU WILL WIN. It won’t be easy, but the rewards of life and accomplishment will be more than worth it!

Once you fully understand who you are, and more importantly who you can ultimately become, the world is no bigger than a piece of clay in the palm of your hand – you can make it and mold it into whatever you wish. I will leave you with something that you should read a couple of times this weekend to reinforce what I have provided you. Here it is:

The Captain of the gate:
“To every man upon this earth
Death cometh soon or late.
And how can man die better
Than facing fearful odds
For the ashes of his fathers
And the temples of his gods

Horatius at the Bridge (Click to the left for the entire work)
Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay (1800–1859)

Have an awesome weekend!

Yours In Success,


Are You Slowly Sinking?

Hey, I wanted to send this to you because…

…well, maybe someone needs to hear it.

I know that some of you are in a position
where you have to do something.

You need good news and good fortune.  You just can’t afford to keep sticking your foot in the door again and again and not advancing your situtation.

You feel like you’re slowly sinking.  You research plan and try everything you know to do for hours trying to find
that one special program that will work for you.

You can’t afford to lose again.

I know what that’s like.

I was so frustrated with my fitness business when I decided to serve the diabetes community. I previously failed in my business and felt to take the failure as a semester of fitness education and try again.  I honestly wondered if focusing my efforts on type 2 diabetes was even smart for me and my business.

I even thought about giving up a few times.

Boy, am I glad I didn’t.

So, here’s my reason for emailing you today.

It’s not to sell you anything.
It’s not to tell you that you need to join me on my quest to eradicate the world of diabetes…this is about you…
For You.

It’s to say this:

Don’t give up.
Hang in there.
You can do this.

No matter what anyone says, as long as you believe in you and you take action in that direction it can happen.

I’ll help you.

Let me know if I can answer any questions for you about how this can be a different experience for you.

And most of all…don’t give up.

You’re more powerful than you think you are.

To Your Success,

Jeremy LaRochester

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Negativity and self-criticism destroy thousands of people’s New Year weight loss goals every year. As soon as they experience a setback, make a poor dietary choice or skip a workout, they focus all their attention on it and criticize themselves heavily. This negativity often derails their weight loss progress and leads to them quitting.

However, setbacks are something that almost everyone experiences when trying to do anything in life, including losing weight. They’re an inevitable part of the journey and something that you need to accept. Focusing on setbacks in a negative way is not helpful and will only harm your efforts.

Therefore, when you do experience setbacks, accept them for what they are, strive to improve going forward and then move on. Don’t dwell on them and don’t give them any negative energy. Simply move forward with a positive attitude and focus firmly on your weight loss goals.

Besides, it’s humpday! Enjoy and finish the week strong!

Yours In Success,


Reach A New Level

Happy Hump Day!

 So another Wednesday for us to look back on the first half of the week to see what we’ve accomplished and where we fell short. What you should focus on is the shortcoming. Why? Because that is where you grow…that is where your effort was good but obviously not good enough. Your effort should be great everyday. Not feeling well, don’t want to get out of bed today? In that case, you probably will be okay with just being ordinary. I was listening to a couple of guys sitting outside a Starbucks today. They were talking about how some people have a success blueprint and some don’t. Here is what I think:

In my experience, everyone in the world is an exceptional person. You had to go through an exceptional process to get here. There were 5 to 6 million options in the womb and you made it, over everyone else! That is not just by being ordinary…that is being exceptional, not giving in, not giving up, pushing until reaching the objective.

The same goes for living your life. I don’t care what you think is most important…the most important thing for you to do every single second of everyday is to give 1000% in EVERYTHING YOU DO! If you have children they will do what you do, not what you say! My children are most likely destined to work their asses off!!!….that’s what daddy does everyday no matter how I feel. You will never achieve anything being ordinary – that is not how you got here, that is not your life goal. What do you want to do? What is that dream that you think isn’t “realistic” and people will laugh at you? Whatever it is – DO IT. You’ll be happy you did. Why? That might very well be the thing to set you free and allow you to achieve greatness, unlock the next threshold of mental toughness and connect with your higher self. 

In closing today, I want you to really think about your life to this point. Are you doing what you really want to do? In our current society, I know that you can’t afford not to do what you truly desire. When I die I will die empty, I will die fulfilled, I will die knowing who I am because I lived my life…I didn’t live a lie. Live Your Life! Accomplish and Dominate. If you haven’t failed in life you haven’t lived. If you have, keep going…the journey will continue to unfold for you to the land of enrichment.

Enjoy your day

Thanks For Reading!

Jeremy LaRochester (CPT)



Hey what’s up everyone!

I spent the day going over a few things, nothing too serious because I wanted to spend some time with my kids and just be dad and have fun. I learned why they like clowning around and are becoming excellent practical jokers…thanks dad!

The reason for my post this evening is to share a concept that many seem to have a little bit of a problem with. Whenever you decide to do something new, like learn jiu jitsu, it can be a very fun and exciting time. Anyone that has taken martial arts understands that as a beginner you are going to be handled. Blue belts can make a new and eager white belt feel like they should have left their Gi at the door when leaving. The thing to always keep you centered on your goal is to visualize what you wish to accomplish. In Jiu Jitsu, maybe you just learned a sweep from the guard and can’t wait to try it out. The more you visualize sweeping your partner or opponent, the easier it becomes when you are “in the battle.”

Life is the same way…always visualize whatever is in front of you. It’s like a form of mental practice. A calming mechanic to allow you to relax in sometimes stressful situations. Most would agree that your thinking is clear, clean and pure when totally relaxed so why wouldn’t you always want to be this way?

“Who put this thing together?….ME…Who do I trust…ME!” – Al Pacino Scarface

This should be your moment of clarity because the only person that can get you to commit mentally to something is you. Another form of visualization is meditation so if you are into that, by all means practice and believe in it.

I hope this little tidbit gives you another tool to place in your toolbox of mental fitness and toughness.

Have an Awesome Night!

Thanks For Reading.

5 Ways To Develop A Positive Mental Attitude

Afternoon Everyone! Hope your Tuesday is going great.I wanted to share ways that you can develop a better positive mental attitude… 5 ways to be exact!

A positive mental attitude is one of the most important assets you can posses. Not only do positive thoughts help to dissolve your stress but they also have a positive impact on your physical health as well. The importance of this state of mind can not be overlooked in how it affects our performance both socially and professionally. In fact your attitude is directly related to the degree of success you may experience in just about any endeavor. With all that said how can we can develop and maintain the proper mindset needed to perform at our best and enjoy optimal health as well?

Here are 5 behavioral habits you can practice and adapt to your lifestyle to help create the positive change you are looking for.
Create a Positive Environment

Become more aware of the way you think because this is what forms the foundation of your attitude. If you ‘condition’ yourself to always think in terms of positive thoughts your outward mood will reflect this. Do not wait for something good to happen to create this positive change for you but rather create the change by altering the way you think.

Do Not Give Up

Be realistic and understand that events or occurrences will NOT always go the way you expect or desire. One thing certain about life is it will present you set backs but it is up to you as to how you choose to deal with them. If you view these set backs as lessons to be learned you are more likely to reach your goal as opposed to giving up and walking away.

By quitting you now feel defeated and disappointed but by sticking to it success will be that much more gratifying. Count on set backs and plan on working through them when they occur!

Just Laugh

Find humor in whatever you can since laughter automatically puts a smile on your face and makes you feel good inside. There is no better way to break the tension or snap out of a ‘funk’ than by laughing.

Live in the Moment

Capture and relish the good and the beauty of every moment as it occurs and do not spoil it by worrying about yesterday or tomorrow. Yesterday is now the past and tomorrow has yet to occur so appreciate what it is you got in the present!

Expect Good Things

Learn to expect the best out of every situation with the understanding that you deserve good things. When you are thinking along these lines your mood is more upbeat as is your disposition. You are now more attractive to others due to the feelings you radiate. When you combine your positive outlook with that of others who think or feel the same way it dramatically increases your well-being and also your chances of success.

A positive mental attitude can give you the leverage you need to create and live a happy and rewarding life. Being able to avoid a continual build up of stress by maintaining positive thoughts helps improve our personal performance and also enjoy better health. It is not however always easy to put on the ‘happy face.’ Sometimes it is necessary to consciously take certain measures that will have a positive impact on your attitude. The 5 behavioral habits reviewed above, if practiced, can give you the positive change you need to produce and maintain a happy and productive mindset.

Have a wonderful day!

Happy New Year!

Hello and Happy New Year! It is a bit late in the evening but I wanted to send out more welcome cheer and yet another proud Happy New Year yell! So much is waiting to be accomplished and many rewards await in 2012. What are your goals and expectations? Whatever they are I want to give you a little piece of clarity. Write your goals down and revisit them everyday. Keep a journal with your goals listed. In the evening before bed, write down how much closer you are to accomplishing your goal and what you will do the next day to reach even closer.

It is somewhat cliche but make 2012 the best year that you can. Do everything in your power to impose your will on all things that can influence positive outcomes in your life and those around you. Never take a step back in the face of fear….after all, that is where courage comes from! Be safe and be strong. Love one another and commit to a better and improved version of yourself for the next 365 days….2012 is a leap year!

Have a Great Sunday!

One Day, The Sleeper Shall Awaken…

What’s Up Everyone!

My focus as of late has been mental focus and attitude. I see more and more that completion of tasks and goals are harder for a lot of people because they lack this very fundamental tool. I would encourage everyone to take 15 minutes out of your day, close your eyes and just relax. Take a snapshot of a goal, and picture yourself achieving that goal. Envision all of the steps of how you get from the starting line to the finish in this task. Have a “waking dream” of success and allow that feeling to fill you…like food. Now, open your eyes and continue to focus on your goal. What you have done is to focus your energy on a goal and the steps required to attain it. Do you remember how wonderful it felt when you graduated high school? The sense of accomplishment and relief that it was over but you had done it. This is the feeling that you always want to have in your life. Sure, there are problems that curb positive energy or chi, but the Yin and Yang principle is to understand an issue, confront it and overcome it. Confronting problems immediately changes attitude because if you force yourself in the beginning, the more you do it, the easier it gets. Eventually your mindset and positive energy is never affected adversely because you have conquered fear and negative self image!


What I want you to know is that no matter what your situation, personal or financial, you can always create a positive mental attitude and overcome anything. It’s human nature to adapt and overcome and keep going…some people have just trained themselves to forget that and become victims of their own self-sabotage. Just remember, when you want to give up don’t. Steadfast resolve is always rewarded and at the finish line in the form of a diploma that says: “The Power of the Mind will dominate and crush anything, when tuned in to Overcoming Fear.” or, if your mental is really strong, your strongest supporter would say: “And How Can This Be?.. For You Are The Kwisatz Haderach!”

Have a great weekend everyone!

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