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Best Cardio Routines To Lose Weight

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Among the best ways to accelerate weight reduction would be to do cardio routines. Cardio gets your heart rate up, has got the blood flowing, raises body temperature and heightens calorie consumption. Cardio also strengthens your heart and lungs, improve circulation and other bodily functions. If done properly, cardio routines can prove to be a valuable asset in your health and weight loss program.

Wondering which cardio routines might perform best for you?

Here are a few common cardio routines arranged from the most to the least effective when it comes to weight reduction:

1. Running – Running is really a massive cardio routine since it gets all of the body moving. Running can be a high intensity workout simply by itself. If you do run, make sure to swing your arms and really get your system in to the motion. Try not to run should you experience knee or back pain. Try running on a soft surface such as grass or sand and minimize the time you take on asphalt. Should you have suffered any sort of injuries previously, consult your doctor before running.

2. Cycling – Bicycle riding (so long as it’s done outdoors) is a superb cardio routine. Obviously you need to be experienced in riding a bike, but it can definitely get a heart pumping. Ensure that you ride only in safe places. Steer clear of the side of busy roads. Stay with bicycle lanes whenever possible.

3. Row Machine – ThisĀ  is really a personal favorite of mine as it’s not only a cardio machine but also an excellent strength builder for the back and biceps. The one downfall of this machine is that you’re seated while doing the work. But pumping the rows back and forth gets you sweating in a minute. Of course, rowing a canoe, in the event that can be done for you, is even more effective. (If you don’t have a gym membership for this, email me at and I will give you an awesome alternative for this cardio option at home with some resistance bands!)

4. Walking – Walking is another great cardio routine. Don’t stroll, do brisk walking and get your arms into the motion. For additional difficulty, you can try walking with small dumbbells or wrist-strap-on weights. Try combining interval running with walking for accelerated weight reduction.

5. Swimming – Swimming is a great body building cardio routine as it strengthens the entire body. However, it is not easy for normal swimmers to have their heartbeat up while swimming and looking after that heartbeat for a long time.

6. Elliptical – The elliptical is great for people who suffered knee injuries as it doesn’t jar your legs. However, it’s almost zero resistance in most cases does not get your upper body into the motion. It can be incorporated into cool down routines for some added calorie burning.

7. Gym bicycle – I dislike the gym bicycle because you usually relax and just pedal away. The act of seated makes this a much less effective routine.

So there you have 7 routines that are great weight loss exercises. Some tend to be more intense than the others but try the ones you can to determine which routine works best for you. Make sure to enjoy your cardio routines. Enjoying yourself will also accelerate your weight loss.

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