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Hello and Happy Sunday to You!
Now before everyone goes and gets super excited…I am not back..exactly – kind of….

I am no longer working with clients in any capacity but have continued to maintain the lifestyle of veganism and fitness as I have pursued other interests in my life. When I posted on my facebook page that I would be taking the page down, little did I know that it was something that I could just not bring myself to do. In the deeper recess of my soul, something told me “no” and I listened. In this last year and a half, much has happened and little has also changed. I’ve jumped into fulfilling my love for motorcycles with both feet enjoying the thrill of riding and also building. Working with Harley Davidson and understanding some additional technical aspects of motor and engine builds has been tremendous and more than worth it. I have also honestly missed posting fitness and meal plans, as well as doing what I am doing right now…just talking with you all. I’ve titled this post I feel appropriately because no matter how much we either try to run or alter the true nature of who we are, we always come back to our fundamental roots. That being said, I will be brainstorming over the next weeks to decide what I will be offering aside from my blog posts. I’m a person that does not believe in going backwards so I am certain that I will not be offering personal training or classes. I may offer minimum consulting for meal planning but again, I’m unsure as to how far I will go.

It has been awhile I know but once I iron out what contributions I can make, I will be in touch. Until then, enjoy your Sunday and we’ll talk again soon!



What’s up?

I know this has been spotty posting from me at best but there seems to be everything and anything going on these days. My head is pounding over trying to figure out bills and housing for my parent. In addition to this, I have received no help on the financial front from my other half. I am going to take another assessment for another insurance job tomorrow at 1030. Which means that I will not be at work. In addition to that, I am thinking about driving out and looking at the possibility of trying to get on with one of the cabby companies to make some money. It is rent time again and guess who does not have the money? I have also decided that I am just going to have to go for broke with everything. I have been no more close to training than I was before. I am also at the point where I am just going to float a fighter resume out there and see if I can just get my feet in somewhere. Hell, at this point I would concede the knockout if I have a good enough showing that someone would invite me back. With the way the sport is growing, everyone is looking for a way to get in and make some change in some way. I just have to become a little bit more creative in a way that will allow me to continue to grow in the sport and also have to travel in order to get some exposure in south florida were it seems all the venues and the action is. Although I am not quite done with resources to get things done, I am becoming bothered by the lack of motivation that I am surrounded by. My wifes aunt passed away last week and the funeral is supposed to be this coming saturday. Don’t be alarmed by the fact that I have little to no emotion because I honestly am focused on other things rather than death. I’ll leave that for them to do. I just wanted to let you all know that I am still trying to work something out and get back on the road to fighting. Til later…. Ate a ja

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