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Understanding the true Tabata


It is a fact that Tabata can deliver unbelievable results with no time expenditure. Is it really true, and is it something a beginner can do?

Well, yes, and yes, but, there’s something about it you need to know. Nothing in life is free. While Tabata may be the shortest of all exercise regimes—who can beat 4 minutes?

That 4 minutes may well be the longest 4 minutes of your life. If you do it right, it’ll be a 9 on the Richter scale.

richter scale

Think you’re made of stiffer stuff? Izumi Tabata, the founder of the method, first tried it out on world class athletes, and it was really hard for them. He published it because it was so evidently a superior method of getting results, but, he didn’t expect many people to be interested in it. He knew most of us are not masochists, and he knew his workout was one only a masochist would enjoy.

One thing he misestimated—the selling power of quick, and the strong desire many hold to have strong, healthy bodies we can be proud of.

Now thousands of people use what they call the Tabata method. They don’t all get the promised results, but, that’s only because they aren’t doing it right.

A Tabata workout is never supposed to be easy, even for those who are in elite shape.

Many get this part wrong, and confuse it with the typical HIIT intervals, and so the concern is that people aren’t using the Tabata protocol correctly when the 20 second intense interval moves are too slow to bring on EPOC and the ideal anaerobic state.

This typically occurs when the moves are too complicated, or do not engage enough muscle groups to deliver the intensity required.

Remember this concept and you will never be limited in your tabata protocols.

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Need your opinion on this…

Happy New Year!

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Still Thinking….

Happy Friday!

Just wanted to touch base with you all before heading into the weekend. I am asked about the benefits of people using trainers rather than just fitness information thats available. My response is two fold – accountability and support.

There are many benefits to having a personal trainer. If you are new to fitness, a trainer can help determine your current fitness level, prescribe a fitness routine tailored to your needs and goals and make sure you are performing those exercises safely and effectively. Or, if you are already in a routine, yet are not seeing the results you want, a trainer can help you make adjustments to reach your goals quickly. No matter your background –  having the motivation, accountablity and knowledge of a fitness professional can make all of the difference.  Call 904-762-7664 to set up a free consultation and take advantage of a 1/2 price initial training session. No membership Required!

Small Group Training:

Get the benefits of personal trainer with the social support of fitness class.  Typically 2 – 5 persons work together with one trainer to reach their fitness goals. It’s a great way to get fit, make new friends all while having some fun. Have some friends, neighbors, co-workers or relatives that want to make up a group? Just call 904-762-7664 for a free consultation. 

Have an awesome weekend!

Jeremy LaRochester

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