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Know Yourself

Hello and Happy Sunday to You!
Now before everyone goes and gets super excited…I am not back..exactly – kind of….

I am no longer working with clients in any capacity but have continued to maintain the lifestyle of veganism and fitness as I have pursued other interests in my life. When I posted on my facebook page that I would be taking the page down, little did I know that it was something that I could just not bring myself to do. In the deeper recess of my soul, something told me “no” and I listened. In this last year and a half, much has happened and little has also changed. I’ve jumped into fulfilling my love for motorcycles with both feet enjoying the thrill of riding and also building. Working with Harley Davidson and understanding some additional technical aspects of motor and engine builds has been tremendous and more than worth it. I have also honestly missed posting fitness and meal plans, as well as doing what I am doing right now…just talking with you all. I’ve titled this post I feel appropriately because no matter how much we either try to run or alter the true nature of who we are, we always come back to our fundamental roots. That being said, I will be brainstorming over the next weeks to decide what I will be offering aside from my blog posts. I’m a person that does not believe in going backwards so I am certain that I will not be offering personal training or classes. I may offer minimum consulting for meal planning but again, I’m unsure as to how far I will go.

It has been awhile I know but once I iron out what contributions I can make, I will be in touch. Until then, enjoy your Sunday and we’ll talk again soon!



Training, Training and more Training!

Hey What’s Up Everyone!

I have been getting my workout in and on over the past couple of weeks. Gearing up for a couple of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments in Maryland and New Jersey. I have not forgotten about you but I’ve taken a step back to indulge myself a little bit. Kind of the reason for this post.

With today being Friday and how many that work during the week with weekends off, I want you to begin to practice something:

Treat everyday as if it were a day for you to accomplish your life-long goals. For me, competing and grappling has been a main staple in my life. I can honestly tell you that I feel physically sick when I either can not or am unable to train for whatever reason. Due to this and my dedication, I am always reminded of my love and passion for grappling and Jiu Jitsu. That being said, you should always pursue your goals and dreams with a relentless passion and never concede or give them up. For anyone to say that they have children and can not…I say you are full of it! I have two little ones that do the very best they can to prevent me from training and I refuse to let that happen.

Give this some serious thought this weekend while enjoying your family or some solid rest and down time! I will continue to get myself in the best shape of my life and grow as a martial artist as well as an outstanding human being. Always strive to be the best person you can be regardless of the obstacles and circumstances that you are confronted with.

Until the next time, enjoy your day and have a great weekend!

If You Eat More Than Your Husband…

Hey what’s up, recently ……..

several women have told me they eat more than their husbands and want some help?

If there is any question about it: Men are supposed to eat a little more than women due to higher muscle mass. But I usually just adjust the protein intake about 2 extra ounces.

Don’t be ashamed if you do eat more than your partner. It’s quite normal and there are a few things you can do to fix it.

I think there are several factors that cause the phenomena

“No eat, long time”  Some women say they are just too busy to eat but I think many women tend to have the misconception that eating less is better so they take it up another level and try not to eat at all or skip meals to lose weight.

While this might have worked for you in high school and early college years, this will always cause you to gain weight in the long run and could damage your metabolism.

Lack of water intake- the mechanism in the brain that lets you know you are hungry and thirsty are closely related and most of the time you reach for snack foods (especially salty ones) when you are really just thirsty.  Water is the medium for all biochemical reactions in your body including fat loss.

Stress- The American Physiological Association says Women are more likely than men to report that they eat as a way of managing stress (31 percent vs. 21 percent)

Similarly, women also report having eaten too much or eaten unhealthy foods because of stress in the past month far more often than men (49 percent of women vs. 30 percent of men)

Too many frozen meals- Frozen dinners are a common culprit lunch among women in the office. One of the main problems (other than preservatives, and being carb based meals) is LACK of fresh fruits and vegetables which expand in your stomach and make you feel more full. Processing depletes nutrients and preservatives can make you even more hungry.

If you’re going to eat frozen meals, do it rarely and make sure you accompany the meals with a salad or vegetables.

A few things to help you level out your hormones:

Eat every 3-4 hours. It doesn’t have to be chicken and broccoli every time but something small (Greek yogurt or almonds) will help you from getting ravishly hungry and over-eating at your next meal.

Drink water and then….drink some more. Easiest way to get in your water intake is use bigger bottles, its too hard to keep up with how many cups or bottles you drink. I recommend getting liter water bottles (drink 3 per day)

Workout for stress and don’t be a drama queen. Be proactive vs reactive. Don’t let your emotions control you, control them to your advantage.

Only use processed meals when its just the only thing around. Less the better.

If you are having trouble preparing healthy meals/ fat loss meals- email me at

My mission:
Helping Members get better results,
with sound nutritional habits.

Have a great day!

Jeremy LaRochester
(904) 762-7664

Mental Fitness Audio Program A Day Early

Good Sunday Morning!

Well, to my delight, I woke this morning with a great surprise waiting for me! My audio program, “Mental Fitness” was already to go sitting in my inbox! That was my cue to let everyone know that it’s available for purchase. The 6 part download is $27 and also includes a grocery list for alternative shopping when attempting to incorporate a new food strategy. There are also some other tips and facts for your review and again that is included with the Audio Program. I would certainly like to receive some feedback and also leave comments on my blog and tell not just myself but everyone else what you thought.

The experience in putting this together was very rewarding for me. I felt like I was able to impart some good nuggets of information and share some of my mindset with everyone. It is certainly something that I would consider doing again.

With this development of my audio program completed a day early, it simply means that I can move towards finalizing a beta program which I should be able to get out to my list no later than Tuesday if not late afternoon Monday. Check your emails!

Alright Everyone, Have a great Sunday!

Mental Fitness by Jeremy LaRochester on Audio Download.

Fitness Concepts That Always Work

Good Evening All! Seems like I have been posting all day…just so much energy and a lot of motivation to get people in the best shape of their lives! That being said, I have one more resource for you today. This is an ebook that I put together about 4 years ago and kept close to my chest. It is a collection of a lot of research that I did regarding weight loss, exercises and duration, etc. It can be applied regardless to how in shape or out of shape you are. I hope you take advantage and pick it up. I am providing it here for free. You are able to download the ebook immediately. Here is the link:


Tomorrow I will be posting more information on a solid routine for people living with Type 1 and 2 diabetes. That’s it for tonight. Oh, if you haven’t signed up for my blog go ahead and do that now. I am offering a great promo plan for the first 30 people that do! Alright, I am going to try and get a little shot eye…you should too! Have a Great Night!

Special February Offer From Me!

Hello everyone! Hope everybody is having an awesome day…mine has been one of great interest and insight. So far 2011 has not let me down in my dedication and motivation in making the best of every opportunity and giving my all to my clients. In continuing with that theme, I have updated on my Boot Camps page with a Special Offer. For the first 37 people that sign up for my Boot Camp by Midnight, January 31st I will give them a year of unlimited boot camp for $70 a month. No enrollment fee, no referral to get to $70 a month…$70. The only catch if there is one is the fact that my birthday is February 8th and I will be 37…hence the first 37 people that are motivated and ready to give it everything that they have to get in the best shape of their lives. Visit the website from the link above and it will take you right to the Boot Camp page to sign up.

For those of you that have been with me from the beginning you may recall the diabetes seminar that has been coming together. I am happy to say that the planning is just about done and in about another two weeks or so I will be able to give you a date on the seminar. This will be a free seminar to all and I am very much looking forward to it.

Be sure to sign up for my blog and keep looking for seminar dates. I am also putting together another promotion where I am going to give away 6 – 2 year memberships absolutely free. Everything from meal planning, workouts, checkups, you name it that is what I will provide. I will provide more details as this concept is fine tuned a bit more.

Well, that’s all for now my WP family, thank you for reading and I will write you a little something tomorrow as well. Have a Great Day!

Working on some new stuff and new site!

Hello Fit Clubees! Yeah I know, I just made that up! How’s everyone doing? I am in the zone here working on finalizing the boot camp which is two weeks from today. I am really excited and I am really looking forward to a great two weeks spent with everyone! There is another site that is the works to place everything that I know and love about personal training for everyone to be able to go to and see. Meal plans, exercises for weight loss, plyometric concepts and the best plyometric exercises for overall fitness. Also included will be one of my first writings on fitness, “Jeremy’s Ronin Fitness”. I will be offering this writing free of charge for a limited time. I will release the details a bit later. It should only be a few more days before I have my second site up and running the way that I would like and I will be sharing that at my site as well as through the blog. There are only 6 spots left for the Holiday Bash Boot Camp on the 29th of November so make sure that you head over to and sign up. As if this is not enough, I have also set up my own livestream account where I will be broadcasting personal training sessions, seminars, interviews and yes, even the boot camps! So that’s it for the moment. I will be back to leave you yet another update tomorrow. Stay strong, stay safe and Happy Training!

September lucky number 25!

Hello all! So with this year almost over it seems, I thought to provide a little relief in this continuing year of financial challenges. I have decided for the coming month to offer all of my training programs with the exception of the Spartan Conditioning program for $25 a session. This would be based on having two sessions scheduled per week in order to obtain this and you would have to be one of the first ten people to confirm space. Depending on how successful this promotion is, I may offer a similar promotion again. We at Jeremy’s Fit Club are looking at the month of September and October as the months that will define our business and also to be the months that will propel us into a new realm of fitness and bring our clients a higher yield of personal training results and satisfaction! Be a part of our transformation internally and externally for our clients. I will be back in a few days with more information regarding our new program MMA Boxing. Until then, take care and Happy Training!

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