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Know Yourself

Hello and Happy Sunday to You!
Now before everyone goes and gets super excited…I am not back..exactly – kind of….

I am no longer working with clients in any capacity but have continued to maintain the lifestyle of veganism and fitness as I have pursued other interests in my life. When I posted on my facebook page that I would be taking the page down, little did I know that it was something that I could just not bring myself to do. In the deeper recess of my soul, something told me “no” and I listened. In this last year and a half, much has happened and little has also changed. I’ve jumped into fulfilling my love for motorcycles with both feet enjoying the thrill of riding and also building. Working with Harley Davidson and understanding some additional technical aspects of motor and engine builds has been tremendous and more than worth it. I have also honestly missed posting fitness and meal plans, as well as doing what I am doing right now…just talking with you all. I’ve titled this post I feel appropriately because no matter how much we either try to run or alter the true nature of who we are, we always come back to our fundamental roots. That being said, I will be brainstorming over the next weeks to decide what I will be offering aside from my blog posts. I’m a person that does not believe in going backwards so I am certain that I will not be offering personal training or classes. I may offer minimum consulting for meal planning but again, I’m unsure as to how far I will go.

It has been awhile I know but once I iron out what contributions I can make, I will be in touch. Until then, enjoy your Sunday and we’ll talk again soon!



Training, Training and more Training!

Hey What’s Up Everyone!

I have been getting my workout in and on over the past couple of weeks. Gearing up for a couple of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments in Maryland and New Jersey. I have not forgotten about you but I’ve taken a step back to indulge myself a little bit. Kind of the reason for this post.

With today being Friday and how many that work during the week with weekends off, I want you to begin to practice something:

Treat everyday as if it were a day for you to accomplish your life-long goals. For me, competing and grappling has been a main staple in my life. I can honestly tell you that I feel physically sick when I either can not or am unable to train for whatever reason. Due to this and my dedication, I am always reminded of my love and passion for grappling and Jiu Jitsu. That being said, you should always pursue your goals and dreams with a relentless passion and never concede or give them up. For anyone to say that they have children and can not…I say you are full of it! I have two little ones that do the very best they can to prevent me from training and I refuse to let that happen.

Give this some serious thought this weekend while enjoying your family or some solid rest and down time! I will continue to get myself in the best shape of my life and grow as a martial artist as well as an outstanding human being. Always strive to be the best person you can be regardless of the obstacles and circumstances that you are confronted with.

Until the next time, enjoy your day and have a great weekend!

Strong Personality Yields Strong Results

Happy Friday Everyone!

It has been a minute since my last post I know, but I was committed to getting at least one in before the end of the week. I’ve been working myself into even better shape preparing for a year of competition in 2012 and a renewed sense of dedication to the people of Jacksonville that are battling weight issues and diabetes alike.

I wanted to share with you something that I am sure you already know but really don’t make the connection. In previous posts I have covered mental toughness, positive attitude and the like when making goals to accomplish. All of that is great and the right way to go about your business, however you need to do one other thing: visualize accomplishing the goal and then become it.

In the 1997 movie Boiler Room, Ben Affleck plays a hotshot directing manager for a faulty stock company. His job is to “pitch” the newbies that come into the firm that all positive and successful things will come with hard work and never accepting failure or no as an option. One particular scene in the conference room, he uses a phrase that is very appropriate in the movie as well as in life: “Act As If…” This can be translated a number of ways. For you and your personal health and fitness goals it is very simple. If you have written out your plans and goals, created an eating strategy, Act As If   you have lost 2 pounds for that week. Even if you haven’t lost the weight yet, it is a subconscious confirmation that you intend and are focused on accomplishing any and all goals established.

Remember, where the mind leads the body follows. Be vigilant in your strategies be it food or fitness and always maintain a positive mentality. We attract what we put off and sometimes a little lint along the way. Never let the lint outweigh the positive strides and better life that await through strong efforts.

Hope this inspires you to always work to be the best and never surrender to self-sabotage or crabs (people with no desire to commit to being successful) in your life.

Have an Awesome Friday and a Great Weekend!

Happy Birthday to ME!

What’s up everybody! I have been keeping myself crazy busy up to today and yes, even on my birthday I was working! Yeah well, I can actually say that I enjoy my job so it’s not quite like work for me! As the day is not over for me yet and I am spending the evening with my daughter talking my ears off (as she normally does!) on the couch and my son turned in for the evening, I have had a truely awesome day! Tomorrow will be no different as I will have more solid information to pass along to you to include some meal planning ideas and a couple of other items of good use.

I am keeping this post short tonight, but I would like to say thank you to everyone for their well wishes for my birthday and as I said last year, my commitment has never been stronger for the clients that I currently have and help as well as opening my mind up to those that just need direction. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to do what I do and I will never let you down. Have a great evening and I will talk to you all again tomorrow!


Keeping You Up To Date

Hello everyone! Hope you have had a great day…I know I did! This has been a very good and exciting month for Jeremy’s Fit Club and I expect next month to be even bigger! Tomorrow I will be operating a full day of sessions so I hope that everyone will be primed and ready to go! Just wanted to stop by and say hello and again wishing everyone a great time and I look forward to seeing you all. Take care and Happy Training!

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