Crazy Cool Idea!

So, I’ve got this really cool idea, and I’m looking for ONE person to take me up on it.

Let me preface it real quick though…

As some of you may know, I’m getting ready for a jiu jitsu tournament on May 2nd – a little over eight weeks away!

Naturally, I want to be in my very best shape since I’ll be spending most of my time making best use of my mat time focused on technique.

Well, with that being said, you can imagine I’ve designed one heck of a training program to get super lean and strong in the next eight weeks…

Now, back to my crazy cool idea…

I’m looking for ONE person who wants to get SUPER SERIOUS about his/her training program to get in his/her BEST SHAPE by this summer as well.  I’m talking so serious that he/she wants to train side-by-side WITH ME.

Yup!  I’m looking for someone who wants to spend 3 days per week working out with me – rep for rep, set for set, we’re going to do it TOGETHER.

Here’s how the sessions will look:

  • 10-minute Tissue Quality Circuit
  • 10-minute Corrective Exercise Circuit (individualized to each of us)
  • 5-minute Mobility & Activation Circuit
  • 10-minute Core Stability Circuit (think “tight tummy”)
  • 5-minute Target Area Developer (special strength training sequence)
  • 20-minute Total Body Metabolic Resistance Training Circuit
  • 20-minute “Stubborn Fat Cardio” Session (we’ll speed walk together – this is a great time for you to pick my brain for weight loss & fitness tips)
  • 10-minute Cool-down & Flexibility Circuit

All told, we’re going to spend about 90 incredible minutes together!

But, it doesn’t stop there…

You see; I also use my Evolution Six and Impact programs so naturally I’m going to throw those classes into this one-of-a-kind opportunity as well.

PLUS, since nutrition is such a critical role in getting in great shape for summer, my “training partner” is also going to meet one-on-one with me each week for the full eight weeks!

OK, now for the million-dollar question….

How much is this going to cost?

Well, first, let me immediately eliminate some of the would be takers on this awesome offer by letting you know that the training sessions will be at 10:30 am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I understand that won’t work for many, but that’s the only time I’m available to do this.

Oh yeah; NO WHINERS ALLOWED either. ;-b You’ve got to be willing to work HARD for your success.

So, if you’re still left, here’s the deal:

When I used to offer one-on-one training at Jeremy’s Fit Club it was $150 per session.  Group Training for six weeks would be $150.  My AAA pilot program is $47.  And, six weeks of private coaching with me would typically run about $300.  So, add all that up, carry the one, and you get about $3200.

Now, this wouldn’t be a Crazy Cool Idea if it didn’t come with a Crazy Cool Offer, would it?

So, here it is my friend…

You can get all this coaching and the ultimate “train with me” experience valued at over three thousand dollars for ONLY $497!

Yeah, it’s a pretty sweet deal.  And, sure, for some it’s a good chunk of change.  I get it.

I can tell you, I’ve paid for private coaching myself, and it’s without question, the best INVESTMENT I’ve ever made.

But, just to ease any hesitation, I’m going to offer a serious no-joke MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  If at the end of the six weeks you feel you didn’t get the value you were looking for I demand that you ask for a full refund – no hard feelings.

Look, I’m not playing around here.  I want to be dialed in for my tournament.  This program and this experience will be like nothing else. It’s simply THE VERY BEST way to get in your best summer shape ever!

But, there’s only ONE SPOT AVAILABLE and this offer will not come again – I don’t plan on offering this program AGAIN.  ;-b

So, if you want to really get SUPER SERIOUS about getting into SUPER SUMMER SHAPE take the only spot available right now by emailing me HERE.

Be The Best

Jeremy LaRochester

LaRochester Fitness

P.S. – This program WILL get you dialed in by summer – I guarantee it. 

GRAB THE ONE & ONLY SPOT RIGHT NOW if you want to achieve success like never before…




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