What Can Plyometric Exercise Do for You?

If you’re looking for a new exercises that builds muscles, increases your endurance, and promotes strength, look no further than plyometrics. Plyometric exercise can help people of all ages, from children and adolescents to young and mature adults, get into great shape using fun, but, effective routines.

No matter what you want to get out of your exercise routine, you may be able to find results when you try plyometrics. This exercise is truly one of a kind as it pushes the body in new ways that promote optimal health and wellness.

What Is Plyometrics?

Plyometrics, or jump training, is an exercise and training technique originally developed for Olympic athletes. It is designed to increase your muscle power and explosiveness, meaning bursts of strength, using resistance exercises that build endurance through stretching and other techniques. Today, plyometrics is a popular workout routine used by people of all ages to strengthen their muscles, increase their power, and train the body to have high endurance.

How It Works

Plyometrics works to condition the body with resistance exercises that rigorously work the muscles. The eccentric phase of the training rapidly stretches a muscle and then it is followed by the concentric phase, in which the muscle is quickly shortened.

This is done through hopping and jumping exercises that force the quadriceps into a stretch shortening style that effectively strengthens these muscles, reduces the force and pain of impact on the joints, as well as increases the power and longevity of your vertical jump.

As these exercises are similar to the motions and techniques seen in sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, skiing, and boxing, they are used for body conditioning for athletes. Of course children, teens, and adults can participate in modified versions of plyometrics that are safe and effective for non-athletes looking to get in shape.

What Plyometrics Can Do For You: The Benefits

Regular plyometric training ca have a number of positive effects on the body. Studies conducted by the American Council on exercise have shown that plyometrics can improve the following:

• Muscle Strength and Endurance
• Vertical Jump Performance (high, longer jumps with more air)
• Joint Protection
• Weight Management

Those who practice plyometrics along with proper stretching exercises, active warmups and other forms of weight training may also be able to increase and improve their explosive power. This is incredibly important for athletes because it gives them the advantage of increase strength and agility when in play.

Plyometrics is also beneficial for the joints. Many older athletes may find that their joints become increasingly problematic with age. Pain, arthritis, and stiffness are just a few symptoms older athletes have to get used to thanks to a lifetime of playing sports and engaging in rigorous physical training.

Fortunately, plyometrics strengthens the muscles so effectively that impact force is decreased on the joints, strengthening them and increasing their endurance. This means that the risk of injury is significantly lowered for many athletes, making their futures in professional sports bright.

Practicing Safety

For athletes and other individuals participating in plyometrics, proper precautions must be taken. Like all exercises, you must start slow and build strength and muscle as you go. Jumping into a routine can be dangerous and add unnecessary strain on your body, which can lead to problems in the long run. For best results, be sure to do the following when beginning plyometric training:

• If you are a beginner, train with supervision and start small. Have an experienced person with you who can help you refine your technique help if anything should go wrong.

• Always opt for low impact—start with safe ground-level jumps that are easy and gentle on the body. Practice on grassy surfaces or padded floors.

• Practice safe landing techniques such as landing from heel to toe when doing a vertical jump, using your entire foot to absorb and distribute the impact.
Plyometrics is a popular training technique that can be fun for the whole family to participate in. Build strong muscles, increase endurance, and have a blast staying in shape with these fun exercises.

Yours In Success,

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