I Think You Should Quit…

Hi there, I wanted you to hear that from me rather than someone else. You should really give it up if you’re not going to be all in for the sake of accomplishing your goals. Makes little sense to just go through the motions, unless of course you want to dig down deep and truly embrace your “Why”. If so, and you want to make your diabetic weight loss a success, then you need to get an accountability partner.

When you’re trying to lose weight alone, it’s easy to make excuses, cheat on your eating strategy and skip workouts. After all, no one will know except you. An accountability partner takes these easy excuses out of the equation by giving you someone to answer to. They’ll check in on you and make sure you’re sticking to your healthy eating plans, working out regularly and achieving your weight loss goals. If you’re not, they’ll hold you accountable and help you get back on track.

So if you know that you’re prone to making excuses or not following through on your goals, get a close friend or family member to be your weight loss accountability partner. Ask them to check in on your progress each day and you’ll find that your excuses, missed workouts and poor dietary choices will quickly decline.

Alternatively, if you can afford it, invest in a fitness coach or trainer and use them as your accountability partner. They’ll provide you with the same accountability as a friend or family member but also give you professional weight loss advice which will enhance your progress.

Want access to content rich weight loss for diabetics? Then check out my private webcast Weight Loss For Diabetics. It provides you with a comprehensive plan which will give you the information required to blast through fat, maximize your New Year weight loss efforts and further strengthen your resolve to eliminate diabetes from your life once and for all!

Yours In Success,

Jeremy LaRochester

P.S. Here’s the sign up link again for the webcast Weight Loss For Diabetics


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