Food For Diabetic Thought

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So something a little different today. I wanted to give you some food and snack ideas if you have diabetes. The following is a list that I have compiled that may help select healthy alternatives rather than negative feel goods!

Guava– Diabetics who received guava juice for four weeks experienced a reduction in glucose of nearly 25 per cent.

Figs– Figs are higher in fiber than any other fresh or dried fruit per serving, containing about five to six grams per portion of three figs. The type of fiber found in figs may reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by slowing down the digestion and absorption of sugars in foods.

Asparagus– Just one serving of asparagus supplies almost 60 per cent of the daily recommended intake of folate, one of the B vitamins. Folate helps reduce levels of homocysteine, a substance in the blood, which at high levels can increase the risk of heart disease.

Additionally, one serving of asparagus significantly increased the action of insulin, which helps mop up excess blood sugar.

Potatoes – I know you’re saying “Come on Jeremy….potatoes?” Yes Potatoes!
A piece of “tater” peel can reduce blood sugar levels. While about 50 percent of the nutrients is actually in the potato itself there is also a little known secret. Want to know? Well alright, washing your face with cool potato juice clears up blemishes. Potato contains a high concentration of sulphur, potassium, chlorine and phosphorus which cleanses the skin. I bet you Madeline won’t tell you that!
Strawberries– Strawberries help control type 2 diabetes by reducing blood glucose levels after a starchy meal as well as block the enzymes responsible for promoting inflammation in the body.

Walnuts– Walnuts contain a powerful antioxidant melatonin, which promotes restful sleep. A U.S. study found eating walnuts increased blood levels of melatonin three-fold. Also, it is widely believed that Walnuts might improve insulin resistance in those with type 2 diabetes.

I hope that you find this useful and can incorporate some if not all into your daily routine. As always, make sure that you maintain an active lifestyle if just walking for at least 30 minutes a day, playing with your kids! If you would like to learn more to eradicate diabetes and beat type 2, email me at
Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!



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