The Ugly Truth About PAD

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I wanted to share some information with you today. In the fast paced day to day activity, we almost always look for shortcuts to accomplish as much as we can. With this in mind, I wanted to give you some information regarding Peripheral Artery Disease and how eliminating soda completely will have a positive action imposed on PAD.

PAD patients who consumed 67 grams of sugar (equal to 20 oz can
of soda) had increased inflammation markers.  When these
patients drank juice, the indicators were reduced.  Although
juice contains sugar too, it also contains inflammation
fighting antioxidants.

What Does PAD Do?

PAD is a narrowing of the peripheral arteries, most common in the arteries of the pelvis and legs. PAD is similar to coronary artery disease (CAD) and carotid artery disease. All three of these conditions are caused by narrowed and blocked arteries in various critical regions of the body. Hardened arteries (or atherosclerosis) in the coronary artery region, restricts the blood supply to the heart muscle (this was the cause of death for my father in August of 1983). Carotid artery disease refers to atherosclerosis in the arteries that supply blood to the brain.

The next time you’re thinking about that mountain dew or coke to quench your thirst, think again and reach for some juice or even better – water.

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