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Hey There! How’s your weekend going?

I was thinking about variety this evening and decided to write a post for you. How can you work out in your own home on those days that you can’t make it to the gym?

Here are a few great ways to work out inside your home while working with what you have near you!

For starters, check your television to see if there are any work outs that you could follow along with. Or break out that DVD set of work outs that were given to you as a gift and you haven’t used yet. If those aren’t your scene then try some of these ways to get a workout in.

Do you have a stairwell? Stairwells are great for doing dips. When you go to the gym you can use a stair-climber. How about just using your own stairwell as a stair-climber?

What about a bathroom or kitchen counter? Start by doing push-ups here before taking your push-ups to the floor. By doing them against a counter it allows you to keep the perfect form that is typically lost when doing push-ups on the floor if not practiced properly.

Do you only have one stair? A step up into the kitchen or down into your living room? Use that stair to do step-ups. Or use it to do calf raises. The stair will permanently be there and will give you that comfort while doing repetitions.

What about arms? You have done your push-ups and your dips. Now grab that can of soup or green beans and do curls. Yes, it is a small can so increase the amount of reps you do to get the most out of it. Or if you are really adventurous try lifting a gallon of water. That way, if by accident you drop it and it spills, it is only water.

Long hallways are great for doing lunges. You will be able to stay in a decently straight line and go up and down the hallway making sure to do the same amount of lunges on both sides.

Any sturdy surface, like a floor, will be great to do your sit ups and crunches on as they will not let your back fluctuate. This will cut back on pain that is created when doing sit-ups on a soft surface.

Hope this gives you some ideas of variety to use this coming week if you are working out at home. Email me at: Jeremy.LaRochester@gmail.com for any questions or assistance I can provide.

Take care and Thanks for Reading!



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  1. I have to do all my workouts at home… all bodyweight for now. I’m amazed how much I can get my booty kicked right in the comfort of my own home haha 🙂

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