To Juice or Not to Juice…

Juicing extracts the best from fresh fruits or vegetables. Your body can absorb the nutrients better and it gives your digestive system a rest from working on fiber.

It can also reduce your risk of many diseases including diabetes and cancer, boost your immune system, help you remove toxins from your body, aid digestion, and help you lose weight.

And if you don’t enjoy eating fresh fruits and vegetables, juicing can be a fun way to add them to your eating strategy or to try fruits and vegetables you normally wouldn’t eat.

Here is my personal top 10 experiences I like about Juicing

1. I could think more clearly
2. I lost a lot of weight – about 20kg in 40 days
3. I found myself full of energy
4. I was more consistently positive and cheerful, no matter what come my way
5. I would wake up feeling sharp and well rested, even if I had less sleep
6. The juices flooded my body with so much nutrients, I rarely felt hungry
7. I also noticed a heightened sense of taste and smell
8. My skin started to glow, my hair and nails grew faster.
9. My immune function was at its peak, and I didn’t catch a single cold or get sick
10.The discipline of juicing gave me greater control over my appetite and boosted my will power in general.

If you have any questions about juicing or want to get started, leave me a comment or email.

Take care!


About jfitclub11

Awesome, easy going kind of guy that enjoys life. Martial arts enthusiast, digital entrepreneur and always looking the next level in life and in success.

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