Don’t Eat It!!!!

What’s up Everyone!

Hope you’ve had an awesome and productive week!

Does it seem like every time you read the
paper or turn on the news, you are told about
yet another food that will cause your head to
explode, stomach to burst, heart to jump out
of your mouth….or worse!?

So much information and so much doom and
gloom…I find myself staring at the produce
counter as if I am picking out numbers on the
roulette wheel!

Well….let me try to offer this simple tip.

Before you eat it, ask, “what is this”?

Each item you eat or each ingredient of the
item you eat should be “something” that
exists on its own without need for human

Carrots…..they grow as carrots
Rice…. it grows as rice
Pizza Pocket…..well…lots of stuff that
is food, lots of stuff that is synthesized from
food and some good old chemical compounds
that is created in labs….

Look at the examples above and see
the theme.

Celery, beans, apples and water are different from
hotdogs, beefaroni, onion rings and pepsi!

Get it? You should be able to look at your
food and name the natural ingredients or
identify it as an actual complete food in and
of itself.

Now….notice I am not talking about fat, sugar
cholesterol etc….no, I am talking about identifying
exactly what you are eating because as much as
high fat foods increase bodyfat, toxic food can
be worse!

All of those processed foods containing un-natural
ingredients as if it were a chemical cocktail are

Your body reacts by defending itself against
the toxins. How does it do that? Well aside from
the liver working over time until it is destroyed,
the rest of the toxins store in your body fat.


Now…ask yourself why it is so hard to lose that
fat? Are you sure all you need is diet and exercise
now? Let me tell ya, you need more because that
fat is now storing a toxic mix of chemicals that
can kill you if they were released into your body…

So the result is that your body holds the fat not
as energy storage, but more like a toxic waste
dump and your body is not going to let it go!

Here is what you can do to start the purge of
these toxins.

1. Drink at least 3 gallons of water per day
2. Exercise regularly (email me with the subject line: “Fit Routine”)
3. Eliminate new toxins by eating whole foods
4. Consider an herbal detox program…visit your
   local whole foods store for recommendations.

Many people deal with weight issues that
result from toxic diets as opposed to high
fat diets. The problem can be addressed
however. Our body is incredible and with
the correct assistance from us, can overcome
it’s toxic issues.

Best Regards,
Jeremy LaRochester


About jfitclub11

Awesome, easy going kind of guy that enjoys life. Martial arts enthusiast, digital entrepreneur and always looking the next level in life and in success.

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