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Good Morning!

Did you know that even “healthy” foods can be a problem for some people? There are certain foods—and it’s an individual thing—that once you start eating them, it’s very hard to stop.

For me, it’s soy protein. Sure, I’ll cook the 100% Yves Vegan variety and sit down to a “healthy” meal, but unless I specifically portion out the amount I’m going to eat, I can easily end up downing half the package or more.

You see, if I’m not careful, “healthy” can easily turn into a massive calorie overload sent straight to my waistline.

These foods—those “Pringles” once-you-pop-you-can’t-stop foods—are what I refer to as “trigger foods” and if you’re going to consume them, you need to do so with a little bit of caution.

Here are just a couple trigger food tips:

1. Only consume trigger foods as an “individual” meal, not with the family. This allows you to cook (or reheat) an individual portion, and not be tempted by a huge serving bowl in front of you.

2. If you are cooking one of your trigger foods as a family meal, measure out a single portion and remove the serving bowl from the table. Tell your significant other “I’m not having seconds; hold me to it.” A little accountability goes a long way.

3. Never eat trigger foods directly from the box/bag/container. Always measure out a specific portion and then store the rest.

Put those 3 tips in place and you’ll avoid having a “healthy” food as the pitfall of your diet.

Thanks for Reading.

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