Your Genetics Do Not Dictate Your Weight

How’s It Going?
I wanted to talk about something that is discussed and causes quite a bit of confusion. Now it is true that genetics do play some role in weight loss, however some people just naturally burn fat easier and faster. Some people can make mild changes to their diet and have dramatic results. And yes, everyone knows “that guy” that simply stopped drinking sodas and instantly dropped 50 pounds!

The problem is that it’s really easy to just give in to this. Some of us have a very difficult time losing weight. Sorry, that’s just life. The way the cookie crumbles.
One thing that I have learned as a martial arts and fitness professional is that people for whom things come easy have a hard time learning the discipline that will make them succeed over the long run. When I first started jiu jitsu I’d see the naturals learn difficult moves very quickly. They’d progress along very fast and then all of a sudden they couldn’t do it anymore. Those that were naturally adept at learning Muay Thai were almost always a flash in the pan. On the other hand the ones that were total klutzes and struggled at it had a much higher rate of overall success. One day they just blossomed into fantastic martial artists. It was really strange seeing this. The ones that looked like they would succeed failed. The ones that seemed like they’d never make it eventually succeeded. As a martial arts practitioner and fitness instructor I see this more and more. Those who found it difficult at first just accepted it and realized the work they had cut out for them. Then they just did it. They naturally acquired amazing self-discipline, because they had to. The people who had it easy eventually failed.

I look at fitness the same way. If you are one of those who really struggles at it, you’re just going to appreciate it much more when you get there. You’ll see. The problem with blaming genetics is the same problem as blaming anything else. It removes the accountability and strips you of the drive you need to succeed. You might be saying something like, “but I have a thyroid problem” Yes that may be true but if you give in to that…well then you know, you’ve lost.

Fight the Good Fight and Stay Strong!
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