Body Fat – How do You Figure It Out?

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When you think about losing weight, more importantly than weight is the
amount of fat you are carrying around. This fat is measured with what is
called Body Mass Index, or BMI. For women, if you are fit, your percent of
body fat should range from 21% to 31%. If you are in incredible shape, that
could be as low as 10%. For men, fit should be between 14% and 25%,
and excellent shape, as low as 2%.

To calculate your body fat, write down how much you weigh (be honest ā€“ no
one will see this but you). Multiply your weight by 703. Next, write down
your height, in inches. Multiply by that same number. Then you will divide
your weight number by your height number. That is your BMI. For
example, if your weight were 150 pounds x 703, your weight answer would
be 105,450. If your height is 5ā€™4ā€, that would be 64 inches x 64 for a total of
4,096. Taking the 105,450 divided by 4,096, you come out with a BMI of

So there you have it. Go ahead and figure your BMI so that you are now more informed about your body and your knowledge is not only limited to the number you see on the scale.

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