Long Term Benefit Mentality

Happy Friday!

We’ve all learned there are no shortcuts. We know that long term lifestyle changes
are necessary for reaching our fitness goals. Do you know where most people fail in
reaching their goals? How many businesses fail because the owners just didn’t stick it out long enough? How many people fail at achieving long term health because they
stopped just a little too soon? Just about everybody.

You see the big payoffs come a little farther out than we expect. In business, the
learning curve is longer than we expect (take it from me because I live the reality everyday). What we think will happen in a year or two takes five. The typical business fails in less than five years, so most never really realize getting to that point of success. In fitness, what we really expect to see in four weeks will probably come in eight (if we are realistic). But because the typical person usually gets frustrated and quits in four, they never see those benefits. They then assume the program doesn’t work.

A lot of the programs that satisfy this mentality are not good programs long term. They have quick short term effects which fool you into thinking they are good programs. Low carb diets, for example, can result in some immediate weight loss. However much of this is water loss and muscle loss. Long term these can have some serious health risks. Since they had some immediate results, people tend to continue to believe in them even though they don’t see those results continue long term.

You need to develop a long term benefit mentality. This mentality can be seen in
many cultures outside of our own. Many Asian cultures tend to plan business
expenditures over generations. They look at the effects of their actions many years in
the future. They are successful because of this. Think of everything you do long term.
What kind of health am I going to be in one year from now, a decade from now, in my

Forget next week, it won’t be much different than this week.

Don’t use the scale too much. On a daily basis it’s not that important and can be very misleading. This will lead to failure. Use it on a weekly or monthly basis, not daily. Pay attention to other indicators more than the scale: measuring waist size; how your clothes fit; body fat analysis. These can be far better indicators than the scale.

Set your mind to be consistent in your eating strategy and your training.

However, the idea of never having a cheesecake again can lead to failure just as fast as having cheesecake too often. Set goals and give yourself some cheat days. That way if you really crave that piece of cheesecake, you can tell yourself you’ll have some on Sunday. I guarantee it will taste twice as good then.

I always tell my clients to use this benefit mentality to avoid some pretty bad habits by putting that gratification off rather than saying I’ll never have it again. The proper governance over your mentally makes all eating and life changing decisions much easier.

Thanks For Reading and Have a Great Weekend!


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  1. Certainly. I would be happy to devote more posts to this topic. Thank you for your comment!

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