Vacation Long Overdue

Hey What’s Up Everyone! I hope you are doing great today. I wanted to talk to everyone a bit about something that is so obvious that it is commonly overlooked. We are constantly on the go, working, exercising, picking up our kids, playing, doing homework…you get the point. Well, all of these activities over a period of time lend to fatigue and eventually we all say: “I need a vacation!” Have you ever stopped to think about the one part of you that seems to never have “time off”? Can you guess? I know, you give up (slackers!)… your digestive system!

Now, I know I am about to say something that some other nutritionist and doctor will refute but the fact of the matter is we owe it to our system to give it a break.

Over a lifetime, no less than 100 tons of food pass along the digestive tract and 300 000 liters of digestive juices are produced by the body to break it down. Our ‘inside skin’, a nine meter long tract with a surface area the size of a small football pitch, is only the thickness of a quarter of a sheet of paper. Amazingly, most of the billions of cells that make up this barrier between us and the inside world are renewed every four days.

Consider a juice fast or feast as it is commonly referred to. You can do this for a minimum of 3 days to allow the body to relax and the digestive system to stop processing. The stomach and intestines have a protective layer of mucous which is a barrier against our own digestive juices. Quantities of debris and toxins in our digestive system are dealt with by increasing acid production in an attempt to remove it by digestion. This causes the litany of heartburn, acid reflux, and esophageal corrosion. Juice fasting accomplishes the task of removing excess dead cells, and other entrapped foreign material and also supplies an abundant supply of nutrients which the body, in its renewed energy level, immediately utilizes to heal.

Usually 3 to 5 days is a good starting point to attempt a fast. As I stated earlier, you can try with veggies and fruit run through a juicer. If done properly, you should not feel hungry but without the chewing motion, your digestive system will thank you for absorption rather than a constant breakdown of solid food. When you come off your fast, you should do it gradually with a light salad and some fresh juice. Be sure to drink plenty of water over your fast and continue that after you come off. Remember, the goal of this is to give your digestive tract a break, but the second part is to try to get you to build on healthy eating strategies to optimize the performance of your mind and body.

I would recommend if you have never fasted at all to consult your doctor or nutritionist. Some professionals will tell you that this is not required because our bodies are designed to eat this way. We are no different from any other species on this planet. Man adapted based on the change in his habitat and incorporated meat when it was required for survival. This is akin to slaves having to eat fatback and pigs feet. The parallel exists still today… there are some that consider this soul food as a path to the past even though it is not healthy. We only have one body to live our lives. It would be great if bodies were interchangeable like clothes but we don’t have that luxury. Due to this truth, we must do everything we can to maintain the integrity of the mind and body that we have and make it as strong and resilant as we can.

In the coming week, I will begin to write articles which will totally go against what we have been taught about diet, exercise, the major food groups and our nutrition as a whole.

Thanks for reading.


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