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A proper training program must consider the health implications involved with reaching your goals. Your first goal should always be to improve your health before your appearance; this is the cornerstone of a good fitness philosophy. You may have seen or heard of people who have lost dozens of pounds in a matter of weeks, however that does not mean that these people are following a healthy lifestyle. Same goes with gaining weight and building muscle mass. It should go without saying that steroids are not part of a healthy lifestyle. People often begin to rely on supplements as well in order to achieve their desired physique. It is important to remember that supplements alone will not allow you to reach your goals; they are simply a way of backing up the hard work you are completing in your workouts. The bottom line is that you cannot substitute eating clean, healthy foods for supplements; the two must complement each other. This way, you will be supplying your body with much needed nutrients on a regular basis and you will also be able to fill in the gaps of your eating strategy through supplements. It is difficult to take in all of your required daily nutrients with limited time and resources in the kitchen- this is where supplements should come in.

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