Develop A Plan For Fitness

It seems like there are dozens of reasons to work out. The most popular ones are to lose weight, to increase muscle tone, and to improve the heart and lungs. When people exercise regularly, their metabolism goes up and stress goes down. They look and feel better, sleep better and they may even live longer.

Why is it so easy to become an exercise dropout when fitness offers such wonderful health benefits? Perhaps a personal fitness plan is missing. First, let’s do an attitude check. Are negative feelings associated with exercise? Do shame, embarrassment, or guilt prevent you from starting or staying with a fitness program? Does exercise feel like a chore? Are you too busy to exercise? Do you feel guilty when you do not exercise?

One activity may be pleasurable to one person and grueling to another. Substantial health benefits can be gained simply by fitting moderate amounts of physical activity into your days. Traditional health club activities are one way to get moving. Playful and chore-oriented activities are also a fun way to add exercise. Do them whenever you can.

Develop a fitness plan that fits with your needs and interests. You may want to get help with your plan from a trainer or sports physician. Make it enjoyable and part of your lifestyle. Do not use exercise as a quick fix. Allow it to nurture your body, not punish it. Give your body what it needs to be healthy and strong.  Always measure and reward your effort.


  1. Sit down with a weekly calendar and determine how many days of the week you are willing to exercise.
  2. Decide what specific type of exercise you want to engage in. For instance, cardiovascular exercise will help you lose fat, whereas lifting weights will build muscle.
  3.  Commit yourself to exercising according to your plan. This is the most important step.
  4. Follow your schedule for at least one month. The results you’ll see after four weeks should be enough to keep you motivated.

    Check back tomorrow for some tips with your cardiovascular exercise

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