How would you like to Melt off 15-20 lbs in 24 Days?

Good Afternoon Everyone! Who is having a great day? Hopefully everyone is and if not, make some adjustments and make it great!

I am launching my 1st annual 24 day fitness challenge in 3 weeks. This is a challenge I’ve decided to run due to the overwhelming response from the Holiday Bash Boot Camp.  If you want to see the amazing results and Get The Body You Deserve sign up at:
I’m expecting this challenge to sell out quickly . If you want to get in please reply back before spots fill. I’ll get you all the details..times, dates..etc

Here’s some of what you will get:
* My special “only for challenger’s” 24 day meal plan (designed to melt pounds of fat fast!)
* 3 days per week fat loss and muscle toning workouts (designed for quick results!)
* T-shirt, your challenge t- shirt lets everyone know your serious!
* Guaranteed results!
* And soooooooooo  much More! 🙂

I only have a limited number of folks I can take for this challenge, however, if you’re one of the first to join I have an incredible gift for you too!

Look out for my next post and email. I’m sending details for the program I’m incorporating into the challenge. I’ve put one of my clients through this program for 10 days and they saw an incredible 5 lbs drop off! The results are amazing… I’m very excited and pumped up about this!

You can reserve your spot & get more information by replying back or calling me at 904-437-4103. I’ll get you all the details, I promise.

In a hurry? Ready to get started? Register online over at my website here:

http://www.JeremysFitClub.US -or- Email Me:
Thanks , I look forward to hearing from you!


904-437-4103 , http://www.JeremysFitClub.US


About jfitclub11

Awesome, easy going kind of guy that enjoys life. Martial arts enthusiast, digital entrepreneur and always looking the next level in life and in success.

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