I will show you my level of dedication to you once and for all!

Hello everyone! I have been going through the plan and chart for my 14 day holiday bash boot camp for November 29th – December 13th. When I checked my sign up page this evening, I see that there are about 9 slots still available…two more than what was available before. “Wonder what happened” I thought to myself. Then I became a little upset. Anyone that knows me would understand that I am not looking at it from a financial position. I am first and foremost looking at this as a way to improve the health and welfare of any person that gives me the chance to Get the Body They Deserve. The more than that, I am willing to go where most trainers will not, and come back from a depth where only a few have been. I know…your wondering what in the world is he talking about, right? Well I have decided that since I have found myself doing more training than my own personal routine. That being said and me understanding this time of year and the luke warm response to this program I have put myself in a position to lose and trim fat as well. That’s right! I am going to burn to earn with you!

This is my 100% satisfaction that is real and tangible! Not like the others that say what their programs “can” do for you. I am going to show you exactly what my program “will do” for you. Follow my exercises, follow the meal planning and guide and you will see the results! Still thinking about whether you are going to join or not? That’s fine. I am about to go load up on another been burrito and something to drink before heading off to bed. That should give me at least another 3 pounds by tomorrow. I am planning to shed at a minimum of 12 pounds just within the 14 day boot camp and continue on with a combination of boot camps and conditioning programs for another 10 weeks to follow. The goal is to reduce weight and regain my muscle tone to its original position within 3 months. This will allow for anyone that participates in my 14 day holiday bash boot camp to continue with my personal program or similar program offered. Again, no gimmick only results. So here’s what you do…think about it, make a decision and sign up at Jeremy’s Fit Club! Just remember, I will be there every step of the way with you and for you! As I promise on my Boot Camps web page: I will not let you fail! Til next time, take care and Happy Training!


About jfitclub11

Awesome, easy going kind of guy that enjoys life. Martial arts enthusiast, digital entrepreneur and always looking the next level in life and in success.

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