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Good Afternoon,
It has seemed like a full year has passed since I last came here to give you an update on all of the happenings! Well, all is going for Jeremy’s Fit Club. It has been decided that the collaboration with Psych Ward Fight will come together officially on October 11th. The dual role facility will act as a neutral training center for Jeremy’s Fit Club members as well as the Psych Ward Fight Team. The concept is to incorporate more of the opportunity to cross train and develop a better understanding of muscles that are not the primary and secondary movers. These are the primary focus in most personal training programs. Cross training in MMA with a personal trainer is going to challenge the entire body, specifically with a program like the Spartan Conditioning because of the different types of exercises that are utilized. I hope that everyone has an opportunity to take advantage of this in October. I have already set up a training schedule that can be viewed through under the Psych Ward Training Center page. If you click on the psych ward training center in the body of the page it will take you to the calender. There, you can select some classes and sign up. Additionally, you can also try some classes for free. I would encourage everyone to take part and experience this at least once. You owe it to yourself!

On July 1st, Jeremy’s Fit Club also began meal preparation services. We realize that with jobs and children, sometimes finding the proper balance with tasks and food can be difficult. With that in mind, we have created a meal plan that will provide you with up to five meals daily with a combined 1200 to 2000 calorie max. If you are a client with a weight loss goal, your meal preparation is tailored to that goal over the course of your four to five meals daily. This program is in place as a trial and can be purchased from a three day planner up to one month. We are offering this preparation service until the end of the year to get a feel for the response before expanding it. Plans range from $40 for a week to $200 for an entire month. The meal preparation is submitted via online or through our 800 number. We require that any allergies to food or seasoning be included in the request so that meals are prepared according to dietary or allergy-related requirements. Once submitted, a meal plan is provided via email for review. The one thing to point out is once the meal plan is provided, any item that is replaced will be with a similar item of equal or greater nutritional value. For example, if you receive your plan that calls for a grilled chicken salad for lunch and you do not want chicken, the substitute would be tuna (based on no food or seafood allergy) due to the higher protein count and reduced fat content versus the grilled chicken. Yet another great addition and program so if interested give us a ring! Thanks for reading and look forward to working with you all. Take care, have a great weekend and happy training!


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