Coming to the end of a busy month!

Hello and welcome back! A lot has happened since last I checked in with you. Jeremy’s Fit Club is rolling along making some in roads for business as well as getting some exposure. I have for the better part of two years explored the possibility of starting some sort of brand that I can wear and support as a mixed martial artist. With family, fatherhood and a personal training business, not to mention still training and improving within my mma career, I have finally decided to add yet another venture to my ever growing list. I have officially and formally launched my own fight gear company. Psych Ward Fight Company is a reality from the idea and concept I had almost four years ago. I will initially offer a limited number of sponsorships but will provide apparel like t-shirts and fight shorts. The website is Check it out!

Well back to Jeremy’s Fit Club…next month Jeremy’s Fit Bars will debut and I will be providing the first 10 session clients for the month of June a free sample over the course of their first two sessions. I will be taking feedback to improve the bar and also to provide a post session load replacement until that big salad or fish to fuel the body can be obtained. The goal for June is to improve productivity and allow the confidence of my clients to become greater and stronger through the results they obtain. Well, thats all for now. Be sure to check our informational site as well as for upcoming events and new workouts. Enjoy your day and Happy Training!


About jfitclub11

Awesome, easy going kind of guy that enjoys life. Martial arts enthusiast, digital entrepreneur and always looking the next level in life and in success.

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