Expecting big things next year

Whats up LJ? Well after recovering from a very somber day yesterday I am feeling a bit renewed today. I learned that a close friend of mine passed away and I had to find out by trying to look her up on myspace. I googled her and thats how I found out. Makes me sick to the stomach but things happen for a reason. I will never think that there was a reason for her to go. She will be badly missed by me. Shaunta Flowers will live with me forever. I have dedicated my life to a fresh start next year and my focus will be a very productive fight year and also a lot of changes. Diet, new workout routines to get the most out of my body, going on training trips….cali, south fl, texas….wherever I can get some different looks into training and fighting. Right now I am awaiting a response for a fight on January 31st and while I am certain that the call will not come I am already preparing for the next step in my evolution. I am determined that next year will be a great year for me and I will become a household name in a very positive and productive way. With that said, I am going to get to work so I will drop a line later on LJ!

Ate a Ja


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Proud Father, easy going kind of guy that enjoys life. Personal Trainer, avid fan and MMA enthusiast.

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