Been a minute I know

Whats going on LJ?! Yeah I know it has been more than a minute but there has been reason for such a long pause. Lots of crap happening and no fights on the horizon. I am more than pissy about that and things on the family front are just not all that they can be. I will continue to try to work to make sure that I have done all that I can to ensure a strong family foundation but as they say, “it take two” and I am not referring to the Rob Base DJ Eazy Roc
version. Training is coming along and I am still hanging out at around 200lbs. I keep thinking that when I decide to take those additional cheat days the phone is going to ring and my response is going to be: “….whats the weight?….185…in a week….sure I’ll take it” so needless to say no cheating is occuring. I am trying to set up some training down in Miami for
January if the CageWarriors venue doesn’t need any late replacements. Either way I will try to keep you posted. I promise I will do better. Til later on because now I have to get to work….

Ate a Ja


About jfitclub11

Proud Father, easy going kind of guy that enjoys life. Personal Trainer, avid fan and MMA enthusiast.

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