Grapefruit once again

Boa! What’s up LJ? I am getting back into the swing of things. I don’t have an upcoming fight but I am starting to work myself back in so in case something turns up in say late October or November I will be ready to go. Hopefully there will be another Cage Warriors show by years end that will enable me to be able to get back into action. I am looking forward to competing again. I think now that the first time is done that it will be different. I will still have nerves but I think my focus will be that much better knowing what to expect. With that said, I will be helping my mother move this weekend and next week we will be back in a full swing. My diet will be back and of course the elder family will not like to hear about that but 185 is my new home and I am determined to make that a reality before years end. As far as competition next year I am going to take my career one step at a time, one fight at a time. Til later cause I have to start work…….

Ate a Ja


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Proud Father, easy going kind of guy that enjoys life. Personal Trainer, avid fan and MMA enthusiast.

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