Episode number…..oh I lost count!

What’s up LJ! Nothing much except the same thing just a different day. When last I spoke with you I was having issues with pay from the promoter from my debut fight. Well the update is that the status of that payment is still pending. Seems as though the promoter and his accountant need to get on the same page. For whatever reason the accountant didn’t have the information to send out my check after they fucked it up to begin with. To further complicate the situation, I am told to wait until this PAST FRIDAY (notice how I did that?) and that I should receive it by then. Guess what? If you are reading this post to see that it is now sunday and I waited and am still waiting. Kind of makes you wonder…or not. See, my thing is that if you sign a contract to fight and then you don’t show or don’t live up to your obligation then the promoters will talk shit about having you banned for life in the state without the “chance” of redemption. Now, when you fulfill your contractual obligation and they screw with you then what happens then….they get reported to the commission and then you still end up waiting for your money. This is going on three weeks. Meanwhile I am still stuck holding the bag. It doesn’t leave the best taste in my mouth and it has me now looking at every promoter that I should ever have any dealings with very carefully as to suspect foul play at every turn. I am waivering now as to whether or not to take the fight on the 6th. I am thinking to give myself more time to make weight the right way instead of shedding 10 quick and holding the rest. It puts some strain on my body with a few weeks out and recovery is the thing that I am most concerned with. I mean I am wanting to compete to win, not to say hello I am here to fight…I made weight and I can fight. That is not enough for me. My attitude is more or less I made the weight properly, I prepared myself and I am here to win and make an example after such a poor showing in my debut. I honestly believe that this may be the best thing for me to do and further the opportunity to work on the holes in my game. If I have to let this one pass and wait for the next Cage Warriors show later in the year then so be it. Two fights in the year will not be bad for me especially with a 1-1 record going into the new year. There is just so much that is going on right now it’s not even funny. There are very few positive things that are affecting my life and my world and the first of those positive things is my little girl. I am actually getting closer to my other daughter (stopped calling her my stepdaughter) as well. So with my kids things are fine and the rest outside of mma is just kind of blah or just going through the motions. The bad part about some of that is I just kind of blow where the wind happens to be coming from at the time and as long as I can do the things that I need and want to do I could give a crap about everything else. Although I will have to come back and elaborate on a situation that occurred this weekend I will say that I learned something about the other side of my family that has been expressed to me on more than one occassion. If something ever happened to me they would either not be diligent enough to do something about it before it happened or find out at the end when everyone else does. Kind of reminds me of a person that I once knew for about 5years…it was a woman who said “I can do bad by myself”. The first time it was said to me we laughed but I realized how true that really was. We later had a mutual parting of ways but I often think of her these days and what words were shared between us on specific subjects that I am plagued with now. Well, at any rate, I am going to end for now but I will write again soon. Til then

Ate a Ja


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