First not the best one!

What’s up LJ! Well this past weekend was a very interesting one to say the least. Thursday night my agent called and asked me if I would be able to take a fight on basically a days notice. Me being the hell I can do it type said yes since it was a 205 bout and I was about 207 on the way down to 185 for my fight in August. The particulars get worked out and I am on my way to Destin, FL this past Friday for weighins. About the last 40 or so miles I figure just to be sure that I’ll make weight I will just roll the windows in the car up and sweat. By the time I arrive and check my weight all I do is take my crocks off, get on the scale jeans, wallet, phone and all in my pockets…..205.2 By the time actually Commission weighins I was down to 201. The guy that I was fighting was also 201 but he looked like something that you’d see some kid that had aspirations of being a comic book artist drawing. Dude was ripped. Anyways, all went well with preparation and all. Mock weighins in front of the camera was not that bad and it was a good experience. Saturday night was not so good as this dude pressed me up against the cage. I managed to get a whizzer on my right side and turn him towards the cage. From there it was body position until he got me down. As much as I hate to say it that was the beginning of the end as I just couldn’t get full guard. I kept him in half guard for quite some time but he was still able to score with some good elbows and punches. I was able to land a few from the bottom but he eventually passed into the mount and I was unable to defend. I had to tap out as I knew that I had another fight in about a month and my fear was the ref stoppage that would incur the 60 day suspension due to ko or tko. Even though the outcome was not what I wanted or even expected, I am thankful and happy to have had the fight and the opportunity to get in there and finally get the first one under my belt. My focus is not only getting back in there but to tighten up and get some more training to better prepare myself for my next match. By the way, the event next month looks like because of the Destin event will not happen so I had an ace in my back pocket for September so it looks like I’ll have more time to continue to cut to 85 and more time to work on a gameplan for this next fight. Til next time…

Ate a Ja


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