Getting Excited

What’s up LJ! Well let me tell you that it has been an interesting last two weeks. Last week I went down to Orlando for the photo shoot for the Cage Warriors event on the 23rd of August. I must say that I had some nervous energy being my first photo shoot and not knowing what to expect. It went well and I actually met Kevin Abrante, my opponent. He is actually a pretty nice guy so we kept it personal to say that it is a job and afterwards no hard feelings. That was mutual and we wished each other well afterwards. Overall I have found myself not getting the big head but realizing the opportunity that exists with this show. I am not going to say that one win would make me a known star, but the exposure that this show is getting is enough to make sure that I train my ass off so that a promoter or someone that is looking for a fighter to sponsor is like, “hey yeah, we’ll sponsor you.” Fights to be shown on cable tv, radio spots, television interviews….all that done last week and now here I am a week later thinking to myself, this is real. I have been training like a maniac and now my diet is starting to make me not that happy to be around. Matter of fact, when I get off tonight, or this morning at 1:15 am its home to get in some cardio and work on some other drills. My weight is actually pretty good. This morning I was around 203 having to get down to 185 in about 7 weeks should be no prob. Anyways, gotta go now but I will try to write again soon. Til then…….Ate a ja!


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Proud Father, easy going kind of guy that enjoys life. Personal Trainer, avid fan and MMA enthusiast.

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