Another Day

Just to keep you updated…. I started back at Martial Arts Academy this past Tuesday. You only realize that the workouts that you do outside the academy are not effective until you go back! I couldn’t get 6 consecutive sprawls without falling behind the rest of the class! The only thing that brought my confidence back up was my Thai class. Standup has improved greatly and that might be the difference in the time away. I am going in tonight after last nights 3 hour class of Thai and Combat Submission Wrestling. Tonight is just an hour of CSW and that is at 7pm. Outside of the excitement of being back in the gym, I am somewhat bothered by my personal dealings at home and just my general social-emotional well being. Does that even make sense? I am pretty much fed up with my wife on every level you can think of. Usually it is the woman who would withhold sex from a husband or boyfriend, however I don’t withhold it….. I just don’t have the desire to even sleep in the same bed let alone “sleep” with her. I would like to think that the time is certainly coming where the culmination of all of this crap is going to come to a head. Not in a bad way but just where everything that needs to be said will be and somebody is going to really be hurt….and it won’t be me. I just want to make sure that my baby girl is going to be taken care of and the best way to ensure that is to do it myself. I have no intention of leaving that task to her mother simply because she is inadequate at motherhood by virtue of the older stepdaughter who walks around spouting off at the mouth at adults. So I can see if I left something like discipline up to her how far my baby would get. So as you can see there are just two totally different aspects to my life right now and I am focused on getting in shape for my fight in August and taking care of my baby. In the process getting some of my other business ideas and concepts off the ground to give myself plenty of positive things to do with my time. As far as the “other half” goes…. its whatever. I will write to you in my next post and give you some background on why it seems like I am just unwilling to work things out. After the additional information is provided with this post you will certainly understand. Later……..


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Awesome, easy going kind of guy that enjoys life. Martial arts enthusiast, digital entrepreneur and always looking the next level in life and in success.

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