One day closer to peace…

Well another day and we are almost there. I woke up this morning in a bit of a rough mood. My wife has not been feeling well over the past day and I have been trying to get some things put into place in terms of securing some work for more money. I had to be at work early this morning and conveyed that message to my wife and her sister whom I already give a ride to work every morning. This morning I got my daughter up and then all of a sudden my wife tells me that she wants to keep the truck today. For what? The first two reasons are simply excuses if you ask me because we had previously discussed these issues and then she pulls this third one out of the blue. She tells me that her aunt has to go to the doctor but that her aunt has not asked her to take her to the doctor. What? At this point all I am really thinking about is getting to work early and working from there. I finally just kind of said fuck it and told her that I don’t get paid until tomorrow so if something happens and you run out of gas or something, we’re pretty much up the creek until tomorrow. Now add the fact that her sister is talking her sweet time after I have already expressed to her that I have to be at work early today. Long and the short of that crap is I let her have the truck and would expect to see her at 430 when I get off. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see her with the needle on “E” when she does arrive. Prove me wrong. I am looking forward to this weekend like you would not believe. I may even end up cleaning the house because I have never lived with sloppy people in all the days of my short life. I can understand when you have crap laying around and just don’t care to pick stuff up…… this is not that kind of situation. This is just all out nasty and I don’t care. So I am sure that if I clean the house this weekend and they come back and fuck it up, somebody is getting cursed out….. women and kids or not….. To top that off, I will be able to get some training accomplished with nobody around to hinder that. Other than that I guess I can say that everything is alright. I just do not have any additional work prospects that have come through that would give me the satisfaction in knowing that the bills will be covered and taken care of. I am going to check the postings today to see what if anything new I can find and apply for. I’ll write back later on. Ate a logo……


About jfitclub11

Awesome, easy going kind of guy that enjoys life. Martial arts enthusiast, digital entrepreneur and always looking the next level in life and in success.

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