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I know before you even say anything… the posts seem to be getting later and later in the day. Whatever Man! It has been just a ho hum kind of a day. I basically didn’t want to even come to work today but with all things being as they are with money and all, I really do not have the option of not showing up. Just to kind of give you an idea of how out of touch I have been today, I didn’t realize that Thanksgiving is next weekend. I really had absolutely no clue until today. Apparently my job is having some kind of a potluck on Friday and asked everybody to chip in $5 for smoked hams. Smoked Ham? Yeah, I am really going to chip in on food that I can not eat! Further, the thought settled and I realized that indeed next week is a holiday and also a three day work week! Damn! The whole holiday weekend around a bunch of people I really don’t want to be bothered with. Not to mention the fact that some people are going to get upset…. namely the other side of the family. I have every intention on spending some time with my mom and family next week. For those of you that are married you should already know where I am going with this! Sometimes its like you can’t win for losing. Anyway, there was no training done last night…. another late night still trying to watch Dune. This time I tried with my wife and that went about as successful as it could. Today I would just like to go home and call my mom… relax but because my wife took it upon herself to reschedule a dinner appointment for tonight I am not really happy about that. I am almost inclined to tell her to just go without me because I would much rather piece a meal together at home than to go somewhere. I am still very fearful of the truck going to Daytona with them this weekend. Although I won’t be waiting for a phone call, I will try to just get some free time with nobody around for a while and just train, chill out, eat, take in some television and also some gaming. I do not see getting to much in as far as training over the next couple of days outside of the present early morning run. That will have to do for now until Saturday. Well, I will keep this short today as I am trying to stay focused for the last hour and few minutes that I have left here. Just want to lay down and sleep. Hopefully there was a message or somebody called me about one of the jobs that I applied for yesterday and even earlier today. Yes, I am still posting and applying because we are going to be in a bit of trouble in another week with no extra money coming in. I guess when the cable gets cut off and then the phone goes then people will start to get the message… or maybe not since it is in my name. As if my credit isn’t jacked up enough. Anyway, I don’t want any of that to happen, but sometimes like I said, in order for people to understand certain things they need to be hit in the mouth with reality. The world already knows that I know full well what it feels like to be hit in the mouth….. a couple of times and trying not to revisit that again. Maybe something has changed because my left hand was and still is itching like a mother something! I certainly hope so. Well, I’ll write again later. Ate a ja…


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Awesome, easy going kind of guy that enjoys life. Martial arts enthusiast, digital entrepreneur and always looking the next level in life and in success.

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