Back in the saddle

Happy Monday, or something like that is usually echoed by some who are actually very enthused over the beginning of the week. As you already know, this past weekend was Veterans Day weekend giving most of us in the workforce a three day weekend. I would like to report that I was able to accomplish absolutely 1 thing this weekend. I did manage to get out and run all three mornings excluding this morning due to my appointment after work. I took myself through a couple of drills such as elbow escapes and hindu squats. I am still waiting to see if I can find a couple of people to get into sparring away from a gym. I have yet to get by the world martial arts academy yet. I was thinking that I might have time to do that but as things would have it the school is in the opposite direction where I am going after work. Even with having to be at UPS at 7, the traffic here is crazy. Now, I am not saying because it is Jacksonville that it is thicker than say California or New York rush hour. There are more idiots on the roads here which usually means that it takes a little bit longer to get some places. Yesterday I was also thinking about the game and what to work to improve. While taking a break I found the IFL on and began watching. Then my brain started working overtime. I began to think about those that wish to get into the UFC and fight and then I began to think that the IFL started with only four teams and now there are eight. Do you see where I am going with this? If the IFL catches on then it could be possible to have a minor league if you will for every major team that competes. For example, in Florida you have American Top Team. Say Din Thomas is the coach of the Orlando Snappers and for other major cities like Miami and Tampa (and Jacksonville) have their own local teams that compete and also provide a state fighter pool. Din is looking to replace a couple of fighters or send a guy to the minors for some more work and call someone up from say Tampa, all the fighters are given an opportunity to showcase their skill. I am thinking more like professional football and hockey. In those areas even the youngsters still play and also gain valuable experience while given the ability to focus on smaller shows. Even though many would say that MMA would become so diluted I think just the opposite would happen. You open the sport up to more and more that would like to practice and demonstrate different skill sets across the country. Not to mention that kind of exposure would almost force some venues to open their doors because the money will certainly be there for some locations. All of this is running through my mind as I watch Joe Dorksen choke this dude out in his match. I am also thinking to myself that as I progress down this road to fighting that I might be obviously be looking at other avenues beyond the UFC to compete. Even though it may be the Superbowl of mixed martial arts, the arena bowl might be good enough for me if the price is right to fight in a smaller show. As crazy as it may sound, at this point a $500 to show and $500 to win would be good for me to be able to get my first fight in. I was also wondering to myself yesterday that it has to be just as hard to get into the IFL as it is the UFC. I guess once your in though you are not so much guaranteed anything but you at least get your toes wet. At this point I am almost at the point where I am just going to train until my baby is born and several months afterwards to ensure that my wife and baby are alright and relish being a first time daddy and then work towards getting in there. I am at the point where this point next year I would really like to have been able to get in some place and fight so I can say that I came I saw and certainly that I conquered! For now though, I am still hanging around and trying to make sure that everything is taken care of the best way that I can. I am kind of looking forward to the fight this weekend. I am unclear as to whether or not I will order the $39.95 pay per view when I can wait until like wednesday of next week and order it for $.99. What do you think? It will kill me to wait like 5 or 6 days to find out who won. Besides the fact is that most of the places that I read from during the day while at work I will find out. Then I have to read about what happened and picture the fight in my head. Talk about addiction? That is the kind of thing that could send me over the deep end. I mean lets face it, most people that are in tune to the fight game will take an opportunity to see an event if possible over hearing or reading about it almost everytime unless there is a reason that they are unable to watch. For me, it is just the fact that my cable bill is almost as much as my car note and insurance and I would like to pay that instead of adding another pay per view. Let’s face it, a dollar is a deal as far as I’m concerned and while it may not be what I want, you really can’t dismiss the amount of money that will be saved. The UFC must not realize what Comcast is doing and I hope that continues.

I am hopeful that my interview or whatever I am getting ready to undertake tonight at UPS is fruitful and provides some extra money. I am going to have to resort to some extreme things here in the next week or so with what I am up against. Unlike some others that live in the same home, I am not really feeling like everything is going to just fall into place. If you are superstitious at all, my left hand was itching something fierce prior to me going to lunch at noon and since then has tailored off. To those that believe the left hand itching is a sign that you will be receiving money. That would be wonderful the only problem is that I don’t know where in the world that would be coming from. Hey, at this point, I wouldn’t care where as long as I had more than enough to do what I have to do in addition to what I want to do. So if that works out at least I will be getting a Rocky like workout everynight after work here and then I will have to get into a school to work out the techniques. I haven’t talked to Duane down in Texas for about three weeks now and I am sure that he receives quite a bit of requests and such. The first chance that I get with some extra money I am going to send him the money for a four week cardio program. I am almost thinking that based on how far along my wife is that I might be getting a third job for the weekend if UPS comes through. None of the other places call back so it’s hard to say. Speaking of calling back…. the broad at Merrill Lynch that told me to make some changes to my resume and submit back to her and let her know never even emailed me back to tell me that she received it or saw the resume at their site. So much for Merrill. You would again think at the very least since they didn’t have their stuff together the least I would have been able to receive was a call back saying hey I got it and thanks. Not even the basic courtesy extended. So be it! I have moved on and will look to find something else soon. I am going to go back and check a few of the boards and see if there is something else out there that I can apply for and quite possibly receive a call back on. Well, I am going to close here for now, but I will try to write again a little later……. Ate a ja


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