Ahhh, 4 day work week!

This is one thursday when if someone said today felt like friday I would agree with them. Since the observance of Veterans day is tomorrow, everyone in my department is off so technically today is friday for us. The good and the bad of that is I now have to still rise early tomorrow to go run in some moderate weather which should be enjoyable for a while. In florida it doesn’t get really cold so because the weather is mild right now… anywhere between like 50 and 60 degrees in the morning that is actually excellent to be running in. I will more or less come back home and get some additional stretching and excercising out of the way. I feel great today….. for lunch I had a gigantic salad with smoked turkey and light ranch dressing. To tell the truth, the salad was so good that I could have eaten the whole thing without the dressing. Either way there is no salad left! I have to pay rent tomorrow and I will be able to say to myself for the first time in my life: I made just enough money to be broke at the end of the week. After paying the rent if I am lucky I will have enough to possibly buy myself a piece of gum or some bottled water. I am going to try to create my own dummy for some ground and pound at the house. I am supposed to take my nephew to the fair tomorrow which I am actually thinking about passing off for his mother to do. I honestly need to do only a couple of things tomorrow….one pay the rent and the second take a load off for a while. It would be great if I could rely on my wife to take care of that and leave me at the house all day by myself. Here is to me continuing to keep hope alive but I doubt that will actually happen. I have spent today staying busy at work. I found out that I am going to be assigned to a special project that will allow me to go into configuring computers in the center and such. I guess I am kind of looking into that although I have heard nothing on when this is going to happen. It would be good to know that sort of thing unless I am not supposed to know officially yet. At any rate, I am relatively content to be where I am right now with a rather easy day to day routine and activity. I am just hopeful that I can rest this weekend. Seriously, I just want to do nothing but focus on JJ and train and run and work on some cardio. I am sure that early in the day I will be able to accomplish quite a bit. I have yet to put out that I am working on assembling a group to grapple on the weekends. I am sure that I will be somewhat successful with the only drawback is the side of town that I live on and the people that more or less would be coming in. To tell you the truth unless they know what they are talking about on the phone, I would be reluctant to invite a total stranger into my house. I guess I will cross that bridge when I get to it. The next thing to look for is a digital scale. I need to find out how much I really weigh. It is finally starting to bother me. I feel like I am well over 240 and the way it looks and the clothes that I can’t fit is a problem. I have never been super big on buying clothes so I am not liking the whole “growing up jiu jitsu” phase that I am going through. I know that I can get the weight off in a couple of months. I did it before when I used to walk for like a good 3 miles every weekday morning…. because I used to walk to work at another job when I didn’t have my truck. That allowed me to lose like 20 pounds damn there instantly. I really only noticed after being able to get into pants that I had not tried to wear in quite some time. This time around I have to keep it off so that I can go at least one year of my adult life able to go to the beach with my shirt off. Even when I could do that I was never close enough to go! Well, I am going to end here for now. I won’t be posting tomorrow so I will be back on Monday to tell you how my weekend went. Ate a ja……


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Awesome, easy going kind of guy that enjoys life. Martial arts enthusiast, digital entrepreneur and always looking the next level in life and in success.

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