Voting among other things

Today I finally got off my duff early and headed out to do something constructive for my body. Although last night was not the greatest in terms of getting rest in order to prepare for this morning, I managed nontheless to make it. I had to pick up some things from the mega monopoly Wal-Mart which was much later due to some family challenges. My sister-in-law caught me towards the end of the hockey game when she dropped in and says hello with her three sons. Two of them I already gave a haircut and now here is the third. I grab my clippers and start towards the dining room…. or at least that is what is supposed to be called (not what we use it for!)and turn the television in the living room so that I can still watch the end of the game (Atlanta versus Boston). As I go to start combing his hair I am stuck…… in his hair! This boy has the worse case of “mat trap” I have ever seen! What is mat trap? Well, mat trap is when your hair is so closely matted down to your scalp that it becomes a “trap” for any combing device or tool that could be used to pry hair from your head. I could have shoved a crobar along this kids hairline and that wool rug would not have moved. You know the jokes that people have made in the past about bad hair and destroying clippers? This kid was pretty close to severely hurting the survival of my clippers and the two combs and one pick that he went through. At first I would try to comb a section and then cut it before the hair at the scalp realized that it’s relatives were being cut away. Quite naturally you would defend your people so one buckshot close to the scalp is going to hold on and defend another buckshot towards the top of the head! I started on this kids head at about 950-10pm. I didn’t finish until almost 1145! I finally had to use some moisturizer to soften his hair up and then I proceeded to shave him like a sheep! Needless to say that while the attempted picking to free the buckshots resulted in him crying. Now, I am not heartless, I tried to pet him up and make him feel better about it…. but by about 11 I wanted to start crying myself! After this ordeal, I went to Wal-Mart, picked up some things and came back home. I got to bed about 1am and set my alarm for 4. I wanted to give myself enough time to get up, walk down to the staduim with my music before running. The alarm went off at 4 and I don’t have to tell you who didn’t move at first. I hit the snooze button twice before getting up at 420. I put on the top of my sauna suit and some sweatpants, sneakers, headphones, keys, id and was out. The entire run (which was decent only because I haven’t been running any) was about 3 times around with some heavy breathing the third time around. I walked around 3 more times before beginning the short walk home. I got back to the house around 530 with time to crash on the sofa for about 5 minutes. I then got down and did as many pushups as I could then reversed to my back and started to do crunches. I did this back and forth until 6. When upstairs and showered, ironed my clothes and headed over to my moms. Since today is a voting day and we vote at the same precinct, I figured why not go together… besides with working and the things that go on around my house I don’t really get the chance to see my mom much during the weekday mornings or much during the week… however that is much my fault as I play a major role in that not happening. We went and did the voting thing at 7 and I was back ready to pick my daughter up for school and my sister-in-law to head out for work by 715. Since arriving at work at 8 I am slowly starting to feel sleep and somberness cover me. I am getting tired after that shock to my body earlier. I just hope that I do not have complete burnout by this afternoon. I only have my interview and assessment at Merrill Lynch at 5…. that’s all! I am sure that as I have always done in the past I will gut it out and get what I want. I am just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. Well, it is about 945 and I am thinking about what I can eat because I feel like I was just released from prison and need to taste some “real food”. Anything at this point will do. I think that I am about to go “knock over” the vending machine in the breakroom…… if you don’t hear back from me that means one thing……. they got me! Ate a ja


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Awesome, easy going kind of guy that enjoys life. Martial arts enthusiast, digital entrepreneur and always looking the next level in life and in success.

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