Once again… this time I’m waiting for lunch

Well here I am wasting a bit more time while I wait for my lunch to arrive. I actually took lunch at 12 but due to the lack of communication around this joint I have been reduced to ordering Asian Taste. Nothing like chinese food at work to stick to your ribs for 30 minutes before that afternoon walk to the john to release it all back to the wild! Nothing crazy, just some veggie rolls and some chicken and broccoli. I have finally come to the point in the day that because I will spend the rest of the afternoon eating (I get off at 430) I should be alright this afternoon. I always worried about wearing my t-shirts out in public and today was the day. Before you say it, no I am not one of those people that walks around wearing the UFC logo shirts and Tapout gear. However, I have several combat sports t-shirts and I decided “what the hell” and wore my Mixed Martial Arts ground n’ pound shirt to work. I am ordering my food from my desk and this guy walks over and is like, “oh so you do that crazy stuff huh?” Now, my first thought was to totally hand him his hat, but because I don’t know this dude I was just like, “yeah, but I am just starting out…. oh and just for the record it’s not crazy.” For a second he just looked at me and then walked off. People still do not respect the fact that MMA is a sport just like anything else. Hell, if I’d walked up to someone with a t-shirt of a dog jumping into a river that said “Hound Dawg Leap” I would have understood that this is the dog jump contest or whatever that I have seen briefly advertised on television. I wouldn’t say, “Oh, you’re into that crazy dog river jumping stuff!?” For people like this dude at my job, this is one of the times when I could just sit back and think of different submission holds that I would like to apply to people. You know, those people that just piss you off….. I usually think RNC first and then depending on whether or not they are annoying or just stupid I would revert to maybe an ankle lock. If they are annoying then I go to the ace in the hole, yes you guess it the heel hook! Alright, don’t want you to think that I am totally against my co-workers…. not all of them anyway but there is always potential! Well the food is here so I am going to exit stage left!


About jfitclub11

Awesome, easy going kind of guy that enjoys life. Martial arts enthusiast, digital entrepreneur and always looking the next level in life and in success.

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