Never Again Asian Taste (Nasty)

Now while this is not what I intended on, it has unfortunately made itself available at this moment. I had up to this point never really enjoyed ordering food with co-workers at work. Primary reason is mostly the person that orders the food usually in my case either has no money or not enough to cover their order. Well, in this case there was plenty of money to go around, the problem was more or less the fact that the chinese eatery was jacked up. The food was cold and then the orders were screwed up. Fortunately for me, my order was right up until the point where the delivery driver is trying to tell me what I ordered and what I am going to pay for. I should have just kept my mouth shut, but I didn’t and told homeboy what I was paying for and rolled out with my food. Soon after eating my chicken and broccoli and my veggie rolls, my stomach sent an S.O.S. to my rectum. The beacon was heard and it was all that I could do to keep from….well, attacking everyone in the department with some smart bombs! I did manage to get two people unsuspecting… I launched a sneak attack on the way to the restroom (which has undergone a major color and odor change). Now, just as most people know, I am hungry like hell all over again! It’s only about another 45 minutes before I get off but my lesson is that I won’t be ordering with these fools from a place that I did not have a problem with before 7 and 8 people decided they wanted chinese too. Anyway, I am going to try to work these last 45 minutes. Although it might not seem like I’ve worked today, I have managed to resolve 18 policies for insurance holders. Yeah, now you know why things are alright on the other side of insurance! Don’t worry, I get the raw side of auto and life so the only difference is I can see the crap coming! Ate a ja….


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Awesome, easy going kind of guy that enjoys life. Martial arts enthusiast, digital entrepreneur and always looking the next level in life and in success.

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