Finally Friday… but as Usual at work!

Well, as usual I am at work. My appointment yesterday did not go as planned because it was rescheduled for next Tuesday at 5pm. Hopefully when I go to the World Arts Academy tomorrow the first class is not Tuesday night…. that would be enough to piss me off. A little after 10am and I am sitting here about to drop off into the abyss that would be an enjoyable nap. This morning I didn’t drag my lazy butt out of the bed to run. Looks like I’ll be doing that in the morning and I’ll just have to punish myself tonight with another in house workout. I took the Dewees-Cote match last night and just as I stated yesterday… Cote won. I doubt that this is mere coincedence so I will just say I will keep my eye on Pinnacle for more of the same type of predictions. With another week before the Ultimate finale and two weeks from Hughes-GSP, my craving to train and get after it is growing more each day. I have found myself in the midst of this all chomping at the bit to a degree to just engage in some sort of activity. When my nephews come over and won’t stop making all kinds of noise and running around the house, I will usually grab one of them and twist them up… something easy like a triangle or a kimura form the bottom. Nothing to tight because again being kids they will try to pull and twist out. Because there are three boys (9, 8 and 7) that usually try to jump me at the same time it can be very fun and work to get rid of some of those fellings. I have to listen to music that inspires me to train too. That sometimes sets me up to feel the way I do most times. Static-X, Metallica and Staind have put me in that mindset. Don’t ask me why Staind…. I am still asking myself that question!
Going on 11 and to tell you the truth…I am having a Frank Mir moment. I don’t eat red meat so I am not having a burger, fries and shake craving, but I am thinking about fast food (chicken sandwich from McDonalds which is a big no-no and something greasy). Can you say run and crunch til you pass out? I can’t but I should be! Surprising to me that one of my favorite fighters (Mir) would have the same problem that I feel is my weakness. The difference is obviously the experience and also that fact that I never tried to end my JJ sessions quickly. Call it stupid but I always wanted to go as long as the time permitted. One reason was to work from just being to tired to easily work for a sub or defend a solid sub attempt with little gas in the tank. When I first started BJJ and was able to spar, I always wanted to get the fight over as fast as possible. When my conditioning at that point was nothing like what I needed, I learned very quickly to be patient and take what is given to me. I just continued to roll that way when my conditioning became better. Simply because I learned so much more about how to sweep the opponent from the top when they would least expect it. Although you have an idea and know that it is coming, you just don’t know when I am going to do it. Not to mention I wanted to become efficent when it came to armbars and triangles so I would try to work one arm multiple times during one sparring session. Get my partner to defend and know that I would be coming back to that arm by a subtle attempt at what might be a triangle to then flatten out and go back to the arm. With a gi it would be a little easier to disguise going back to the arm because of holding on to the sleeves. I will admit, my weakness still is no gi. I am decent and can defend, but my subs absolutely suck in my opinion. I have caught quite a few people in subs no gi but I do not think that I am anywhere close to where I need to be in that regard…especially knowing what I am working towards. Well, I guess I will wrap up for now and maybe get some work done. As you may be able to tell my job isn’t too hard for me to be able to sit and write in my journal! Given that insight…I’ll more than likely have another entry this afternoon. Til then…


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