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It would seem like I have started at this same place many times before. You know the feeling that most express just before the christmas holiday about getting into shape and the excercise? Well, I have been in the place of beginning and getting myself back into the fighting and cardio shape that I worked a solid 5 months to do. Fortunately for me and unfortunate for my training and schedule… I met my future wife and while marriage has been great my body is starting to really not like me very much. The smell that oozes from my cavities express the displeasure like you would not believe! I went from a solid 214lbs to 240 in about 3 months. Yeah, crazy thing is that I am planning to shed this extra three month weight in about the same time that I put it on. I would like to get back to where I started in time for the first NAGA event of 2007. As weird as it sounds, my primary goal is to get into a tourney and just share in the atmosphere. I guess for those that have been in the game and in the different fight clubs and gyms understand that you feel like something is missing when you are not there. When I hurt my ribs while defending this guy stacking me (I went for an armbar) all I kept thinking was if nothing is broken or cracked I will give it about a week and then I’ll be back. Three weeks later I was just getting a solid range of motion back. Within those three weeks I was just depressed. It took me about four days to realize how much training and the enviornment of being around a group of guys meant and how it was apart of me. For the masses that would not make much sense…. to athletes and those who have competed in sports understand the passion that you could have for something. With this all, my heart is pumping with just a will and desire to take this 32 year old frame and make it work for me. Unlike some, a realistic goal for me would be just to compete in mma fights. I honestly think that I would have to become exceptional within a couple of years to ever think of the UFC. With that said, I can keep that baby sound asleep because I do not have that thought or vision at this point. I would be telling a lie if I said that once my first mma fight is behind me that I would not like to fight on the biggest stage. Right now, first thing is first….conditioning and training. I have already started my schedule which includes running every morning to get some of this weight off of my midsection. I think that I will also try a rather unique approach to finding grappling partners. I am going to clear my dining room out and lay mats down for the weekends and some weekday nights so that myself and whomever else shows interest can work through some sparring and technique drills. I think that will curb the freight train in my brain about ideas, positions, subs and the sort. I will keep you posted (no pun intended!) on this.


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Awesome, easy going kind of guy that enjoys life. Martial arts enthusiast, digital entrepreneur and always looking the next level in life and in success.

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